Sunday, February 23, 2014


Before the super bowl a few weeks ago we made a bronco cake.  Matthew had a lot of fun putting the blue and orange icing on it.

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So serious!

my smiley Ethan

They are going to be the best of friends I think 

Dragon wings

Watching how to train your dragon with dragon wings on is the best!!

we had a ton of snow awhile back.... off we go to go sledding. 

Too little to sled but no to little to watch the action. 

Phew... walking (i'm mean being pulled) up the hill is exhausting. 

My "babies"

Ethan and Phantom are becoming fast buddies. 

I think phantom likes ethan because he always seems to have some sort of food on him. 

Then again, Ethan likes to try and eat Phantom too. 

My youngest boys!

brotherly love and the music zoo

Matthew has been enjoying pushing Ethan around in his walker!
Last weekend we went to the "music zoo", which is put on by the fort Collins symphony.  

Even Ethan got to play some instruments. 

Matthew loved the drums

Its so cool that they get to try all the instruments

he had a lot of fun with the violin. 


We had some friends over for the super bowl awhile back and they just loved holding ethan. Future babysitters??? You betcha!

Imani and Ethan
Nia and Ethan

Silly Phantom

Phantom almost always rides in the back of my van but the other day it was full so he sat in the front.  

This really doesn't look very comfy
Really Phantom?   Is this where guide dogs with muddy paws are suppose to sit?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


We had over a foot of snow last weekend.  I took phantom and Matthew out to play in it on several occasions.  I put Phantom in his vest once to try and get some good pictures.  No such luck, but it still was fun.
For real?  You guys are going out in all that snow?

Ready for fun!
Run Phantom Run

Phantom loved the snow!

WOW!  That is a big tongue!

A boy and his dog!  Always warms the heart. 

Say Cheese!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trying to get pictures

I tried to get some six month pictures of Ethan this past weekend.  I had a really hard time getting him to sit still and to not constantly eat his hand.  but I got a few keepers. 

Death to giraffe?

A little blurry but I just love that expression of joy!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Phantom is getting so big and he is only 20 weeks! He's a very good sweet puppy... But he's a terrible garbage mouth!