Sunday, March 29, 2015

Few last pictures

Below are just a few more pictures of our recent trip.

Another beautiful mountain view

Matthew going outside to "sneak" up on the deer. 

We made it pretty close I think. 

What a view!

One morning we woke up and Matthew was VERY excited that the deer were in the yard!

Vail Valley
Just over Vail pass - +10,000 ft

We spent the afternoon of  Alex's birthday skiing with Matthew on the Bunny hill at Loveland ski resort.  Matthew  has really gotten good and has a lot of confidence!

This was taken AFTER he had just jumped full on in the puddle two seconds earlier.  

The beautiful great horned owl sitting on her nest at Corrine's house. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

An adventure

The back yard of my friends house is amazing!!! We went looking for "dinosaur bones" and matthew loved looking at all of the deer and the owl on her nest.  He could have climbed the rocks all day.

Mattehw looking at the deer on the hills. 

Luke and Matthew going on an "adventure"

Matthew was not thrilled by the cacti!

Their house as seen by their backyard. 

Luke and Matthew went all the way up to the top of the hill. 

Wow!  What a view from their backyard!

Corrine and Luke's house from the top of the "hill". 

"I made it to the top!!!!"


Amazing trip day #2.

We had another amazing day full of sun and great skiing!

Another sunny day!!  View on the way to the slopes. 

It was so beautiful out!!!!

This is why I ski!!!!

I love colorado!!!

It was the perfect spring skiing day!


gorgeous day!

Alex made if for day two of skiing and we had a great day!

View from the tip top of the slopes. 

Yep... we went ALL the way up and then skied ALL the way down.   Awesome!

we found some fresh powder!

Selfie on the chair lift. 

An awesome trip!!

I went to visit a good friend of mine who just moved to Silt which is just outside of Glenwood Springs.  She and her hubby bought a house on 10 acres of gorgeous land.  

We drive up late Tuesday night and then headed out to Snowmass/Aspen the next day to ski. We had the most amazing powder day!!! 6 fresh inches and we were the first ones on the trail.  It was AMAZING!!!

Views on the drive there and view from her dinning room window. 

Matthew found a bin full of toys they had and loved this hat. 

An awesome day skiing with Corrine and Matthew had a great day in Ski School. 

when we got home that night Matthew ran around playing with sticks and fighting "bad guys". 

That's matthew in ski school with the spiky hat on his helmet. 

Denmark visits

Denmark - Dilbert's  carrer changed brother, who lives with a friend of mine came to stay at the "kaplun puppy spa" for a week.

Denmark, hot from playing with Eddie.
Gotta love this expression!

Time to get some of denmarks energy out and go for a bike ride. 

Ethan just loves Demark and kept trying to kiss him.  Denmark was in need of a bath and so got one outside while the kids rode their bikes. 

Best buddies!

"Please will you take me for a run? Please?"

Denmark!  You are not a lap dog... you weigh like 100 pounds!

Oh good grief.... he really insists on laying in my lap!

nothing beats hugs from Ethan!

Calm for a split second!  Look at those two cuties!

Denmark waiting for his "people" to come get him. 

The boys

Time to update silly picture of the boys.

We made pizza and Matthew wanted crushed Oreo on his.  Yum?

Lid marching band before bed. 

so tired he couldn't even get under the covers.  I put Ethan to bed and he was out by the time I got back. 

Phantom and his boy, snuggling on Phantom's bed.  he is in such a good home!

Sick boys...colds suck!

St. Patrick day parade.  That's Ethan on Alex's shoulder in the middle. 

Matthew had so much fun chasing after candy and plastic coins. 

I will never understand how children can sleep like this. 

Two binkies?  Really Ethan?

Matthew looking for leprechauns at school. 

Ethan, those stickers go on the rewards chart, not on your head. 

Look mom, an elephant. 

Matthew got batman bank from his best friend Rian.  He was so excited and happy about it. 

Ethan's version of "helping" to unpack summer clothes. 

Ethan had a lot of fun on the motorcycle we got for the boys. 

The boys are starting to enjoy exploring the back yard. Yeah!!1

Bike ridding time!