Monday, October 31, 2011


Matthew has a bad cold and is teething molars so we decided not to take him out trick-or-treating this year. We figured he wouldn't really understand it and would have plenty of other years to go.  As it turned out, he had a blast passing out candy to all the kids that came.  He loved dropping the candy into their bags!

My nice camera broke today so I apologize for the quality of pictures.  New camera is on its way!! Yippee!!
My little dragon playing with his airplane.

I was trying to take some nice shots but my camera was not cooperating. 

"hmm... I think I'll shove it back in here..."

"Mommy can I help you pass out candy?"

Petunia helped pass out candy too!

Candy guard dog!

Matthew was so sweet... he would grab a piece of candy and put it in everyone's bag.  It was so sweet that it almost made me cry. 

Petunia quickly got board with the whole thing. 

"Ugh!!! How much longer to have to be dressed like a silly bee?"

Help!!! were being attacked by a dragon and giant killer bee!

Mmmmm... Pizza from Costco with hamburger that mom added.... Yummy!

Miss Bee

Petunia went with Alex and I to a Halloween party.  She was suppose to be a pumpkin or a grape but she wouldn't keep those costumes on.  So I had to resort to Vigo's old costume.  She wore it well. 

Petunia getting ready for the party. 

after we got her all dress she went and sat in the corner.  Poor puppy. 

At the party.... I think Petunia was possessed. 

Poor Petunia

The other day my Mom and I took Matthew and Petunia to Cool Beans Play house.  I think the kids loved Petunia more than any of the other toys.  She was so well behaved!!  I was really proud of her!

This little kid was so cute.  He kept kissing Petunia on the head.

"Don't worry... I'm being good I promise!"

Porr little petunia!!!

"Phew!  Being a Guide Dog Puppy is hard work!"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Estes Park

My mom wanted to go for a drive in the mountains today so we headed to Rocky Mountain National Park.

It was a beautiful day!

Sorry - computer wouldn't let me turn it... turn your head instead. 

Matthew is stylin' in his silly kid glasses. 

It was a beautiful day and there were herds of Elk all over!

Matthew and Grandma check out an Elk up-close and personal. 

Shortly thereafter she bounded away. 

Out having fun on a beautiful sunny warm day in the Rockies!  Yep... That is a Chapel Hill sweatshirt on my boy!

The big bull of this herd. 

I know this looks like the same photo but check out his tongue!!!

Grandma Visit

Grandma Johns is here visiting this weekend!  Yippee!!!   Matthew and Grandma are having a blast and Alex and I are loving a bit of some help!

Matthew loves the new books that Grandma brought. 

Playing at Cool Beans Playhouse.

Matthew just LOVES slides!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Going to the Vet

We had to take Petunia to the vet last week and before our appointment we played in the parking lot with the snow that was falling.

"Wow, that's a big snowball!"

"OK Momma, I'm coming."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Puppies in the snow

Brianna and Irene came over today to run in the snow and play.  I took a ton of pictures but I mostly got a bunch of blurry fuzz balls.  Here are the few decent shots I got. 

Petunia sitting for a rare moment. 

Brianna give Petunia a much needed correction and time out.

Petunia sneaks a chew on a branch from our broken willow tree. 

What a pretty puppy!!

First Snow of the year!

It seems that we always get one big snow storm in October.  It usually seems to coincide with my mom's visit every year for some reason.  It came two days before her visit this year.  It also always seems that we have big storms on days I have off and never on days where I'm suppose to work.  strange.   We've gotten at least a foot already and it is still falling.

Peaking out our kitchen door this morning

"What is this strange stuff"

"hmm... maybe I'll grab it without my glove..."

"Aagghhh its cold!  I don't like this stuff without my gloves!"

Yep that's some snow. 

no fire tonight

Our poor willow tree has really taken a beating!  Several of the really big branches has broken off. 

Looking around, looking around

I think Matthew was happier playing in the basement with his old baby toys than he was out in the snow.  We may try it again later today.... after his nap when he isn't so cranky.  

Check back later.  I get petunia today and she has a play date set up with Irene at 5 so they can play in the snow together.  I hope to get some good pictures. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Matthew is getting 4 molars all at once and he has a cold.  Some kids get diarrhea when they are getting one tooth, can you imagine how much Matthew has had getting 4 molars at once?   I will spare you the details but lets just say he had 4 showers today and mom has a lot of yucky laundry to do.  

So after a morning of poops and playing in the back yard we thought it would be fun to go to a pumpkin patch.  Matthew had other ideas.  He mainly seemed overwhelmed by the whole experience.  We drove 30 minutes to this great farm and when we got there he was sound asleep.  So.... we sat in the car for nearly an hour waiting for him to wake up.  I didn't get many smiles today but here are a few shots of our trip.
colorado hay ride????

"I like this one!"

No hands

He really wanted to pet all of the animals. 

Peek a Boo

He He Ha Ha

"Daddy!!! Come rescue me from Mommy and her camera!"