Saturday, February 20, 2016

Awesome day two

Day Two on the slopes was equally as beautiful as the first!!!

This is why I ski!!!  Beautiful views!

Those are the Maroon Bells in the far distance.  In person they were huge and felt that they were right there!

attempt at a panoramic. 


Awesome day

I got to work a second day at the Kaiser Edwards clinic.  I took Friday off and this time I took Matthew with me.  After work we had planed to drive to my friends house that lives just west of Gleenwood springs.   However, nature intervened.  There was a massive rock slide in the canyon right before Greenwood springs.  The canyon and highway that runs through it was closed to all traffic.   We had already bough ski tickets at aspen/snowmass and I had already payed for Matthew's ski shcool, so I was determined to get there.  The detour went around the canyon and was over 200 miles out of our way.  To make it worse, there was a massive blizzard sitting on this route.  So after work we bought some snacks loaded up the gas tank and drove up into the scary mountain passes through snow so thick that I couldn't see a foot in front of me and wind gusting so strongly that it nearly blew me off the mountain.  Rather than the 2.5 hour detour that it should have been it took us over six hours.  But the important part is that we made it and we made it all safely and in one piece.

The next morning we go up early and headed down to the Snowmass slopes.  It was also so worth it!!  we had a spectacular day of beautiful blue skies.

We are both super excited to his the snow!


Selfie on the slops

Corrine and I had such a great time!!

This is one of the main reasons I ski.... the views are spectacular!!!  This is all the way up at 12.500 ft.  

It was really windy and cold at the top but so worth it. 

Sneaky's run had the best views and was so sunny and warm!

We picked up Matthew from ski school and he went up to the top mountain and  skied with him back down..  It was blues all the way down.  I was so impressed with how he did!  He has no fear at all. 

So serious... and so handsome!!!

This statue is in one of the statues at Snowmass.  How cool!  It is to honor a Guide Dog from GDB.  

Skiing is exhausting!!!

Pictures of random thingsgetting ready for

Random shots....

I got my green belt!!!

Go Broncos!!!

Alex and his snuggle buddies (Ethan and Will) watching the super bowl!!

Will and Ethan are more interested in the play computer than the Superbowl. 

I work at the new kaiser clinic in Edwards (outside of Vail)... this is the beautiful view from the office. 

"it wasn't my fault that we walked through lots of mud at lunch and I go so covered in dirt that you needed to give me a wipe down bath with baby wipes..."

If you are going to eat my shoe, the rug, my pens, the exercise matt behind my book shelf and your vest (twice) then you are going to spend some time in your kennel... Teenagers.... UGH!

getting ready for Valentines day. 

Maddie's fiance Kris has moved in with us and he loves to play with the boys.  It is so cute to watch them all together!!

The snow finally started to melt and ethan wanted to mow the lawn


Fun at day care!

Finally its warm enough out to go play in the snow. 

Such sweet snuggle bugs!

"wink wink"..... "Go broncos!"

"what is going on out there?  And more importantly, why am I not out there...."



Snow day

We had a big snow storm the other week and got over a foot of snow.

The storm begins... as seen from work. 

Now that is a LOT of snow!!

The next day at work Willoughby loved running in the snow!

Um Willoughby you have some snow on your face.

Happy puppy!!

Matthew's day care was closed so he had fun playing with Willoughby at lunch. 

Nap time... So sweet!

Matthew went with me to work on the snow day and Ethan went to my parents house. 

Ethan wouldn't go to sleep for nap time so they got creative and put him to sleep in a tent. 

Grandma and Ethan... what a pair!

Willoughby!!!!  why have you moved the carpet!!!!

Where did you get a tennis ball from????  (a young pt of mine gave it to him)

Marvel universe

We took the boys to the Marvel Universe LIVE at the Pepsi Center in Denver.  I have never seen Matthew so excited.

Marvel hero books!!!


I love this little guy so much!!

We are soooooo excited!!

Ethan is super excited too but I don't think he knows what he is excited about....

Say Cheese!

I love this little guy heaps!!!

waiting wating!!!
and it starts!!!