Thursday, December 29, 2011

Future raiser

Matthew has been taking a lot more interest lately in what we do with petunia. Today we were waiting to eat at Snooze when he insisted on walking petunia. Petunia pulled him over a few times but over all they did pretty good.
Whose walking who?

Matthew is really learning to be a "Pack Leader"

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A very tight fit

Last week when I went to pick my parents up from the airport in Denver a set of four tires were accidentally left in my trunk. (long story... But the short of it is that my trunk was filled with tires). I did not know this of course, and headed out with the back seat full of work stuff, a car seat and petunia.
After I got my parents we realized we had a problem. We managed to some how squeeze all the luggage in the back seat. My dad drove while my mom, petunia and I all squeezed into the front seat of my small Carola. It really was an "aren't you glad you use dial" sort of hour ride home.

The picture is of petunia squeezed in between our feet. I had to hold one of my legs up the whole way home so I wouldn't completely smush her. I think that she was more comfortable than we were though.

Beautiful Irene

I was watching Irene for a few days last week and she thought it was OK to ride in the car with her feet up on the seat. Silly girl!
You're not allowed on the seat silly girl

Later that night she enjoyed snuggling in front of the warm fire.


We got some great home made chocolate candies from a patient of mine. Matthew got spoiled and got to eat one. To say he loved it would be an understatement!!

First horse ride

We were out at the grocery store recently when my parents put a cranky an tired Matthew on the electric pony. He loved it so much that he had to ride it through two cycles and then screamed like crazy when I took him off.

Fun with Grandma

My parents came out to visit for the holidays. We had a big snow atom the day before they arrived and my mom and I had a lot of fun taking Matthew sledding. Like the last time. I took him, he only wanted to go down by himself. He loved watching all the big kids on their snowboards.
Matthew is watching the "BIG kids"

Grandma and Matthew watching all the action

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I was playing telephone with Mattjew today and he kept grabbing my iPhone and giving me the toy phone. I guess he's got good taste!

"OMG! Really?!?  Then what happened?"


When will my son figure out that food goes in the mouth not on your head or on the floor? My mom says that he'll be 20 before he figures that out. : )
He just dumped his whole dinner in to his lap!

Getting ready

My little guy has change so much this past week. It's as if getting the tubes has totally changed his world. I'm so glad we did it. I was trying to get shoes on Matthew before leaving the other morning an I put a Santa hat in him just for kicks.

Sweet Irene

Brianna loaned me her puppy for a night since I needed some extra comfort and snuggles this weekend - it's was a really long and tough week! Irene was perfect and exactly what I needed!!

Silly Girl - she kept thinking it was ok for her to sit on the seat... 

All snuggled in for the evening. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My sweet boy had surgery yesterday to have tubes put in his ears. It was for me to hold him while they put him to sleep and then to walk away with him laying there still.... But I did and ten minutes later the surgery was done and he was back in my arms.

The change already has been dramatic. He seems to feel much better already and has been more energetic than I have ever seen him. He is babbling up a storm and I swear I heard him say doggie tonight.

Matthew loved all of the medical equipment in the room. 

"they are going to do WHAT to me?"

Off we go to the OR

His gown was more like a dress... too cute!

That evening he was as happy as ever and well on his way to recovery.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Out with daddy

Alex and Matthew went to home depot today. A really nice salesman gave Matthew a kids apron! He looks so cute in it!
Matthew learns the ropes from the nice Grandpa at Home Depot

Maybe he has a future as a salesman at Home Depot

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Alex and I headed out to Vail today for our first day of skiing this year. The mountains got a lot of snow early on and than very little since - but the skiing was still a lot of fun! Some friends of ours from when I was in residency were out at Vail skiing. We haven't seen them in over 4 years. It was fantastic to get to catch up!!!
Oh to be back in the beautiful mountains!!!

Left to right - Alex, Me, Jim and Missy.  It was great to catch up.


I wonder sometimes if my son will ever learn to actually get his dinner into his mouth instead of putting it on his face and head. My suspicion is that it will be a while yet.

Puppy bed

I had to take Matthew to the doctor for preop appointment during lunch the other day. I didn't have time to drop him back off at day care so he came with me to work. He was super tired, since he missed his nap, and I eventually got him to take a nap on petunia's bed.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random iPhone Pictures

I thought I would upload some of the pictures I've taken recently on my phone. 

Alex and Matthew Sledding

Matthew's first time sledding.

Matthew helped me wrap presents by tearing up as much paper as I would let him. 

Sunrise as seen from my bedroom window last week. 

Matthew loves the rocking chair that his "aunt" Laurie made him!

I am just floored by how much Matthew looks like Alex in this picture. 

Tennis Shoes

Mo sent me a great picture of Vigo during their training in Oregon.  Apparently they have to wear shoes to go up escalator, in the snow and when the pavement is hot.   Mo says that Vigo didn't like his tennis shoes very much.
Vigo Styling in his tennis shoes... love the red!

I feel so blessed that Monigue is sending us so many great pictures of vigo and her.  It is makes me feel so happy every time I see them together and know that he is having a wonderful life with her.  

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fort Collins GDB Holiday Pary

Each year Alex and I host the Fort Collins Guide Dog Holiday Party.  We all have a great time and putty silly holiday outfits on the poor puppies. 

"this is so humiliating!"

"Oh the shame"

Mikiko is equally as unhappy with the dress up outfit. 

Virginia with her puppy

Attempt at a group shot

So Sweet

Tustisn... A career change 9 years ago due to being huge....

Yuma and I

Yuma... 4 months old

Brianna and Yuma

Montessa and I... she's 10 weeks old.


Montessa is just too cute!

Montessa with Antlers

Montessa is just so fuzzy and sweet. 

Irene.... too cute....

Another attempt at a group shot. 

Vigo Working Hard

Monique... Vigo's partner sends us great photo's of Vigo.  Below are great pictures of him working.

Monique's kitty trying to befriend Vigo. 

Vigo Working

Vigo Working

Our handsome boy working..... I am so proud of him!