Friday, July 30, 2010

Last week when Vigo was with us, he liked to sleep right on top of the AC vent next to where I was sitting.  I finally broke down and took a picture of the silly puppy.  

I am beginning to think that Vigo learned to snuggle his toys by watching Anthony.
Anthony has grown into such a beautiful sweet dog.  I sure am gonna miss him. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

So Spoiled

Any of you who know me, know that I have made tons of puppy beds for our Guide Dog Puppies.  They are all over our house.   Vigo is remarkably not a garbage mouth but he does have one weakness ... the puppy beds in our house.  He likes to grab them and drag them around.   Yesterday afternoon alex was cooking us dinner and cut his finger badly.  I attended to his bleeding finger and afterwards I found that Vigo had been up to no good and drug a pillow across the living room.  He had stacked up the beds and made himself comfortable.

He was so sweet on the pillows that I let him stay there and sleep.  Luckily I could take these pictures while still sitting in our new rocker recliner.  

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot Puppy

We normally don't keep our house super cool, but this summer with me being pregnant our house is much colder than normal.  Our new little puppy just loves all the AC.  He seems to run really hot and even with as cold as our house is he still loves the AC vents.  Below is his favorite place to sleep.  It's in our kitchen right in front of the AC vent blowing cold air.  He also likes to lay right on top of the vent next to the couch.  I hope he can adjust to the temperature change in the house after the baby comes. : )  

On a side note, for those of you that read my post yesterday, I am actually really happy that Vigo is so calm.  It's just such a contrast to Anthony that it shocks me and makes me laugh.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

So Calm

Brianna (one of our co-raisers with Vigo)  took the best picture best picture of Vigo the other day and I just had to share it.  Isn't it a great shot? 

On another note, we may have a problem with Vigo.  He is super calm but sometimes I wonder if he is too calm.  Can there be such a thing with a guide dog puppy?  Sometimes when I tell him "let's go" he just looks at me as if to say "really, why would I want to get up?"  Today I tried to get him to follow me into the kitchen (I know I'm suppose to be on bed rest, but I needed some water) and this is what I got:

He just rolled over and showed me his belly.  After I took the picture, I didn't give the option of laying there and I made him get up and come with me.  

Friday, July 23, 2010

snuggle bug

I am now 35 weeks pregnant and because of complications I have to go to my office and to a special test twice a week.  I usually do them in the evening when the baby is more active.  This past Tuesday I took vigo and Alex back to the office with me for the test.  It was nearly 9 o'clock and vigo was sleepy.  He curled up in the corner and insisted on sleeping with his mouth on the edge of my rolling stool.

Our Kitty Bree seems to be pretty comfortable around Vigo, since vigo is afraid of her.  She is back now to her normal self ...  lounging all day on the couch like a giant fluff ball.

On a side note.... I went into preterm labor last night but thank goodness they were able to stop it.  I am now on bed rest until further notice so maybe I will now have time to take some better pictures of Vigo.

Monday, July 19, 2010

He loves his toys.

I have been thinking a lot about how soon Anthony is going back.  UGH!  I am going to miss him so much, but at the same time, he has seem so bored lately that I think he is ready to learn new things.  When he isn't with us I try to focus on Vigo.   It's amazing how quickly the little puppies learn.

While I took a bath last night, Vigo snuggled with one of his favorite toys, the GoNought stick (one of the best GDB approved toys ever).  He loves to sleep on his toys, its so cute. 

Vigo has been having some diarrhea problems and is on the rice and cottage cheese diet.  As a result he seems to be hungry a lot.  Here he is looking up at me saying "please stop taking my picture and give me my food"

The best puppy is a quietly resting puppy. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vigo gets a bath

It had been almost two weeks since Vigo's last bath and there is nothing better than a clean fuzzy puppy.  I love bathing the little puppies because it is so easy.... you just climb in the tub with them and wash them while they snuggle in your lap.

"I want back in your lap, I don't want to stand up for a silly picture"

Vigo is so calm that after his bath I wrapped him in a towel to dry him off and he just laid there letting me dry him. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Horsetooth Resevoir

One night while my parents were visiting we drove up to Horsetooth Reservoir to watch the sun set.  We took Vigo with us but since he hasn't had his shots yet he got to be held while we watched the sunset.  Lucky boy.

Alex, Vigo and I at the Reservoir

Friday, July 9, 2010

Growing so fast

Vigo has been in Colorado for only two weeks but already I feel like he has grown a ton.  We took him for his 12 week shots yesterday and in true Vigo fashion he slept through the shot.  The vet says he is growing so fast that he needs more food.  He already weighs 20 lbs and he was not one of the bigger puppies of his litter.

Alex and Vigo snuggle.  He still fits in our laps but is already getting big. 

How can you not love a face like this?

Say cheese Vigo.

Vigo and Alex at the vet. Alex is not thrilled at me taking pictures. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vigo is just too sweet!

This is Alex's and I's first full week with Vigo.  So far other than being a big pee producer he is one of the sweetest puppies I have ever seen.  He is so calm and learns so quickly.  My parents came out to visit for the week and Vigo decided to help my mom and I in the nursery by trying out the baby's play mat.

Vigo quickly went to sleep on the play mat while my mom and I looking at the crib.  Don't worry shortly after I took the picture I made him get up and move off the mat.

I got tired of sitting of the floor and snuggling with Vigo so I gave him to my mom to hold for awhile.  He is such a snuggler.  He started off on his back on her lap but quickly fell asleep and rolled over on his side.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Silly Girl Norahbelle

We are puppy sitting Norahbelle this weekend.  She is a very sweet dog that can get very excited at times.  She has been sleeping in till 9 am though which is great!

Norahbelle's favorite spot in our yard is up on the wall looking out at the lakes.

She seems to get hot quickly and loves to lay like this on our cool tile.  I have been so hot lately that sometimes I want to lie down with her.  : )