Saturday, February 27, 2010

Anthony and his sunbeam

Anthony just loves a sun beam, but he doesn't seem to know when to get out of it.  He will sit in it unit he overheats and pants like crazy.  Today was no exception.  He loves the morning sunshine in our living room and he will pile up all of his toys into one sunbeam and lay there for hours. 

Anthony at 9 months (almost 10) in his morning sunbeam

He loves his kong!

"Wanna play?"

Later today I met my friend Brianna for coffee and Eve and Anthony got to say Hi.  Anthony is still really struggling with dog distraction problems and so this was a very good exercise for him to be calm around Eve and not "play".  They both did pretty good and eventually just snuggled together.

Believe it or not... they slept like this for a good bit. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cute Puppy

We got about 6 inches of new snow at our house over the weekend.  Anthony had a blast playing in it today.
Shortly after this picture was taken, he flopped on to his side and just laid in the snow, it was so cute!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Colorado Adventures

There was a big snow storm moving through Colorado this weekend and Alex and I wanted to take advantage of it and hit the ski slopes.  My OB said I was safe to keep skiing until I was about 20-25 weeks as long as I was careful.  I wasn't sure how long I would last but I thought it would be worth a try.

We decided to head out late friday evening and get a "sleep cheep" hotel in Dillon.  When we left, there were tons of available rooms and the roads in Fort Collins were clear.  The drive ended up being a bit of a white knuckle drive with very slippery roads but we still made it there in just over 2 hours.  What we didn't know is that they had closed vail pass (the highway just past where we got off) and so everyone on the highway was suddenly looking for a hotel room.  Yikes!!!  We ended up getting really lucky and snagging a cancellation at the Days Inn.  

Come Saturday morning we were really glad that we had come up Friday night.  We talked to people on slopes later that day and the drive that took us just over 2 hours took people 4+ on Saturday  morning.  There was about 4-6 inches of fresh powder and the outback at Keystone was great!   I was being really careful and keeping my speed down so that I wouldn't have a bad fall and hurt the baby.   I quickly learned that going "slow" down blacks is a whole heck of a lot of work.   By the end of the day my legs were jello.  But I made it though the day with ZERO falls.  

View at the top of Mozart run as we headed to the "outback"

Say Cheese Alex.

View in the Outback

Late afternoon - Alex went for a few more runs while I sat in a lodge and drank hot chocolate and rested my legs and warmed up. 

We didn't do anything exciting saturday night - went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and then straight to bed, I was exhausted.   We got up early Sunday morning and boy was it great.  There was another 4-6 inches of fresh snow.  I really wanted to go to Vail but vail pass was still being intermittently closed and we didn't want to get stuck there so back to Keystone we went.  We were one of the first people on the slopes and none of the runs had been trecked out yet.  Alex headed to the back but I decided to take it easy today and stick to the easy blues in the front.  The first runs were AMAZING with all the fresh powder.

Do I look Pregnant yet?  I have to admit, my coat and pants barely close over my tummy.  This was my favorite run for the day- it is kind of hidden and so was completely empty.   The rest of the resort was SUPER crowded. 

Later on I had to stop for a breather, the run is over a mile long and Alex wanted to snap another picture.  It was a beautiful snowy day!

We thought we would be smart and leave early in order to beat the traffic home.  On our way to the highway we were in a line of cars that were passing a snow plow.  All the cars in front of us went by just fine but for some reason when we went by we got brown ice crud dumped all over us.   We couldn't see at all for what seemed like an eternity.  We were so covered in crud that we had to pull off into the first gas station and clean the car off.  

Alex has already cleared all of the crud off the windshield but you can tell by the rest of the car how covered we got.  We got a really good laugh out of it.  

After we could see again, we headed home and apparently a lot of other people had a similar idea.   We got stuck on the west side of the Eisenhower tunnel and sat for an hour waiting for them to open it.    When traffic gets that backed up they can't have cars sitting a mile into the tunnel and risk people dying of carbon monoxide poisoning ......   so we wait.....   The drive that normally takes us about 2 1/2 hours took us 4 1/2 hour.  

On a side note, we picked up Anthony on our way home and boy has he grown again.  No limping this past week so hopefully he is over his growing pains.  

Check back soon as I hope to post some videos soon.  

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Big Announcement

So it has finally reached the point where I can share my big news.  Alex and I, after 3 years of trying, are finally pregnant!!!  The past three months have been very challenging as I have been really sick and extremely exhausted but it will be worth it in the end.  I am just now entering my second trimester and am due August 26th.   I have an ultrasound machine at work so Alex and I have had fun taking little peaks at our little one as it grows.  I am not the best at using the machine so the pictures are not fabulous but they give you the idea.

Our little one at 12 weeks of age ( head is on the right, feet on the left).  

Puppy time out

So Anthony is a great dog, but his one problem is dog distraction.  It has been great practice for him this weekend to have to sit and be calm and leave little zora alone.  He has done remarkably well with it.  And after moments of calm, we let them play and all &*%&^%* breaks loose for a bit.  
Anthony says - "why do I have to stop playing, I'm having so much fun!"

What Anthony doesn't know is that as soon as his friend Zora leaves tonight his friend Eve is coming over.  Boy is he going to sleep well tonight. 

Zora still needs help to sit and stay calm.  Here Alex is making her take a break by holding on to her drag line.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

a weekend of puppies

Alex and I are watching a friends puppy this weekend (zora) and she and Anthony are having a great time playing together.  Zora goes home tomorrow night and Eve is joining us afterwards.  Lucky Anthony to have so many playmates this weekend.

I have pictures to post but I just got a new Mac Laptop and I can't seem to get it to recognize any of my photo devices, so as soon I get it figured out I will post some pics.

In other news,

Congrats to Gabrina!!!!!  She graduated today and is now a working guide dog.

Happy Birthday to Eve!!!  She is a year old today, this means she will likely be going off to guide dog college soon.  What a big girl!

Happy early Valentine's day everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scared silly

Anthony is a pretty fearless dog.  There isn't anything I have seen that he won't try.   Well, except for the dreaded car wash.  I first discovered that Anthony was scared of automatic car washes when he was about 4 months and we went through one.   Well, his co-raisers (Guys) just recently tried it again (twice) and he apparently was still quiet fearful.

I drove my hubby's car to work today (so he could take my car and go skiing, the lucky bum!) and it was so dirty that I could hardly see out of the windows.  So on my way home I stopped at a car wash and it wasn't until I was entering it that I realized....uh oh....I have Anthony with me and he doesn't like these. 

The next thing I know i have a shaking and quivering almost 50 pound puppy jump on my lap and cling to me like glue.  I felt so bad for the poor little guy but there was nothing I could do.  I tried several different techniques I've seen to try and get him to calm down but nothing worked.  When the wash finished I actually had to pull to the side and hold Anthony till he finally stopped shaking and would get off my lap so I could drive.  The rest of the way home he just had to be in contact with me and would only calm down if I let him rest his head on my arm.  I think since blind people are likely not to drive their cars through automatic car washes, I think I will just let him have his phobia and not take him through any more. 

"I can't help that I am scared of the car wash, all those brushes are just too nerve racking"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Silly Kitty

We discovered some strange about our kitty recently...... she likes to eat Olives.  I was making a sandwich the other day and I accidentally dropped an olive on the floor.  She immediately pounced on it and batted it all over the kitchen.  She then rolled on it and ate it.  I was very perplexed by this.  Who knew cats liked to eat olives.  Since then I will occasional give her an olive just to watch her go nuts with it.

Earlier today, I heard some some strange noises and I went into my office and below is what I found:

Bree was finally playing in her Christmas present.

Peak a boo.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

GDB Update.

I want to start this posting with an update on some of the GDB puppies that have gone back recently.

Mystery - career changed at phase 8 and now back with her raisers
Dessa - currently in phase 10 - go girl go!!!
Tim - career changed.

And......drum roll please..... Gabrina is graduating!!!!! She is going to be so happy as a Guide Dog! Her raisers are going out for her graduation this coming weekend. We don't know where she is going to be working yet but we should find out from Maddie when she gets back from the graduation. For those of you who don't remember Gabrina, she is Gardner's litter mate and a great dog!

Gabrina at the 2008 GDB x-mas party.

Anthony is doing well. He is still having some growing pains but seems to be happy. He was kind of high energy after Guy's droped him off today so Alex tried to snuggle with him to get him to calm down. We ended up having to take him for a walk in the end but it was a fun walk seeing as it was snowing and dead quiet in the park.

Alex give Anthony a kiss, he is so glad to have him back this week.

Anthony settled down for a minute....just a minute.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Yep, I am still alive.

So as many of you have noticed I have not blogged in several weeks.  I have been so exhausted since coming back from our trip and have been on call a ton so I haven't had the energy to blog, and I haven't had much to blog about.

So first off, if you want to see more pictures of our adventures in Thailand, I have posted pictures up on flickr.  You can see them at:   I have not had the time to put captions on all of them yet but I hope to get captions on this weekend.

Our first week back we had Anthony and it was so great to see him.  He has been having problems with one of his leg and so wasn't allowed to go on walks.  He got pretty energetic since he couldn't go out and run.  He spent most of the week sitting in his favorite spot in the house:

Anthony loves to sit in front of the window with a toy in his mouth and monitor all of the people and dogs walking in the park behind our house.  

Hey Goofball, what you got there? 

This past week I spent some time doing some cake decorating.  I was asked to make a cake for a baby shower for one of my favorite nurses at work.   Considering how tired I have been I think they turned alright.

This one is obviously a baby carriage.  

This one is a ladybug because Christina just loves Ladybugs and its her shower so I just thought she would like it.