Sunday, March 27, 2016

Snow and other things

Colorado is always a bit crazy in the spring.  We actually get most of our snow  between February and April.   We had a big storm this spring and some place for over a foot and a half.   We got well o ER a foot. 

I was getting the mail before one morning after our big snow storm when I saw this snow sculpture that nature made.  I'll leave it up to your imagination as to what you think it looks like but I about laughed my self silly!!!

Willoughby has been so cute at work lately.  He enjoys sleeping in The warm spring son. 

"Hi up there.... I'm just hangin put down here."

This past winter I worked a few days at the Kaiser clinic in Edwards colorado.  It's about 3.5 hours from our house but is brand new and very slow and really nice.  This particular day I decided to drive up in the morning and I got lucky and after getting up at 4 am I hit a bit snow storm...  It was a great fun white Knuckle drive but believe it or not I made it to the clinic on time! 

Snow storms make for bad roads but they sure do make for gorgeous mountain views!!! 

After working the day at the Edwards clinic I spent the night in Edwards and then went skiing with Corrine the next morning.  We had great fresh new powder at cooper and had a wonderful day!!

Since there was a ton of powder we decided that we would both give the trees a try.  Neither of us like trees very much so it was a new challenge and ended up being a lot of fun!! 

And just because I couldn't possibly drive home in clear weather it had to snow the whole way home too.  : ) 

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Matthew's hair was getting out  of control.   I usually cut it but I thought I would see how the local kids cut place was... Matthew had fun but for $30 I think I could do just as well.

What a cool chair!


Trim .... trim...

and the final outcome...

"I look so spikey!!"

And of course Willoughby came with us. 

My boys

"No!.... I wasn't chewing on the mat... really I wasn't.. really I wasn't.  I was just snuggling the  floor."

willoughby snoring though a meeting....

Smooth face...

I couldn't find the puppies and I started to freak out... Then I asked Matthew... and he said "oh... the puppies, they are in the play room".   I was so relieved that they were just sitting in there waiting for me.  What good puppies. 

Such sweet siblings. 

I opened the door to Maddie's car and both puppies jumped it... Kiki decided to drive. 

Hi cutie!

The puppies helping me with cleaning winter coats. 

Gotta love the horse at King Sopers

Oh Willoughby... what is with you and sleeping like this. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Vegas again

I have to sit for my medical board again next year....ugh!!! But in preparation I went to a conference in VEGAS!  My  mom came with me and hung out at the pool while I was in class.  We had a lot of fun going to shows and I even surprised my mom and took her indoor skydiving the first afternoon we were there.

It is a prerequisite to go get amazing yummy drinks at Serendipity!!  It was the first thing we did

We actually even got food this time!

Can you believe this is all made of flowers?

All made of flowers!!

Mom and I having a great time hanging out at the Winn. 

Grandma with chewbaca!

AAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!  He tried to kiss me!!!

One night before the show we were going to we got a fun smoking drink... it had dry ice in it. 


We went to a buffet one night and mom had a ton of  crab legs!

Grandma took a picture with desserts for the boys. 

Girls having fun!!

Fremont Street!
I love the roof of Fredmont street. 


Oh the  cuteness of my boys....

cute Willoughby!

Silly daddy

Ethan he Easter Bunny

Matthew at school 
We went for hike in rocky mountain national park a few weekends ago.

Say Cheese

Matthew, Maddie and Kris

Kris and Matthew have so much fun together. 

Maddie's fiance Kris taking ethan on a walk to the Park. 

I tested for my Purple Belt after only one Month!!!  My friend Jody tested with me and we both pasted.!!  Yeah!  Girl Power!

I left the boys home for a day at home with Alex and somehow Ethana and Matthew ended up  Covered in Styrofoam. 

Boy Fun!!

HI guys!!!

"I am not happy about this bath guys!"

"you know you want to give me Bacon!"

oh such silly sleepers.