Sunday, October 28, 2012

Preparing for Halloween - part 1

On Friday night my mom and I took Matthe to "the farm at Lee Martinez" to learn how to Trick O' Treat".  Matthew thought it was so cool to say Trick O' Treat and then get candy!

Matthew the Cow and the giant ghost. 

On Saturday we went to the fall festival at Harvest Farm.  Matthew, Grandma and I had a great time. 

Matthew the pig?

Run Matthew Run!


Matthew learns to rope. 

"Grandma, the sheep licked me!"

"Check out this one mom!"

Wow, what a strange looking sheep!

Barrel rides!

Duck races

Wow, that's a big chair. 

Matthew loved the tractor. 

Prep for halloween part 2

This weekend Matthew was so in love with the idea of dressing up that he wouldn't take his dragon costume off all day!

A  yogurt eating dragon. 

Little dragon with his hockey sticky at the airport picking up daddy at the airport.

Petunia in her lion costume for halloween. 

Mr. Cow and his hockey sticky. 

On a side note, it snowed this past week... Matthew LOVED the snow! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hockey Ball

Matthew just LOVES to watch people playing "hockey ball" at the ice rink that is near the pool where we take him swimming.  So today we took him ice skating.  He thought it was the coolest thing ever!!

Can you believe they make skates that small?

He did pretty well for a two year old I think. 

A hockey player practicing on another rink gave him a puck and he was in heaven.  Three days later he is still running around the house with it and yelling "hockey ball".  He even has to sleep with it. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Summiting Flat Top Mountain

My brother and I went to RMNP this past weekend and climbed Flat Top Mountain.  Is is only 12,300ft tall but it was so windy that it sure was a work out to get to the top. 

Longs Peak as seen from Bear Lake

Part of Hallet mountain

Half way up!!!

Yeah!  I made it too!

Emerald lake as seen from above. 

Smoke from the Fern Lake Fire that is currently burning in RMNP

Yeah, we made it above tree line. 

One view from the summit

Chad on the sumitt.

Oh how we both wish we had skies on us to jump into this beautiful bowl. 

That is Hallet Peak in the back (13,000+ ft) and the section of snow you see is where we were standing previously.  It was a great hike and a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ready for Ski Season and a Silly Puppy!

We rented Matthew skies for the upcoming season.  He was super excited about having his own skies.  


We even got him a harness so we can help keep him under control. 

And then today his helmet, goggles, coat and pants arrived.  He looks so cute in this I can hardly stand it!   Thank god for REI-Outlet, where I could outfit my kiddo for a reasonable price!

On a puppy side note, Dilbert still really doesn't like his gentle leader.  

Oh what a sad puppy!

He refuses to walk when he has it on.  What a stinker!

Now I may be wrong but I am pretty sure that is not a guide dog approved place for him to ride.  I dropped Matthew at day care and when I came back this is how I found Dilbert.  Again, what a stinker!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Matthew and Miakiko

"yeah!! were going to TCBY!"

"Yumm!  Sugar!"

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dilbert at work

Dilbert was so cute today that I just had to take a bunch of pictures of him. 

"I am such a tortured puppy! Can you believe this.  I am only 15 weeks old and she is making me wear a gentle leader AND a vest!  UGH!"

"I know we are going to work but I am REALLY not happy.  I will continue to glare at you until you take this stupid thing off my nose."

"Ok, now I'm really P.O. I am going to lay down here in the entrance to work and I will NOT move until you take this thing off my nose!!!!"

"getting to work was exhausting!  thank god that thing is off my nose."

Really Dilbert?  He slept like this for over an hour!

"why won't this chair move out of my way? Guess I'll just wrap myself around it."

"Is the cost clear?  She isn't hiding somewhere with that nose thing is she?"

"Finally! Were headed home.  Whew, what a tough day at work."

Monday, October 1, 2012

Petunia's forever family

As many of you already know, Petunia was career changed a few weeks ago.  Apparently she got jealous of other dogs that got treats when she didn't get any.  We brought her back home and then promptly gave her to a wonderful "forever family".   Petunia is a wonderful dog but she has way to much energy for our family.  She needs to run and get out.  I think she has found the perfect family!

Petunia's wonderful Forever Family

"yeah!!! finally I can eat a rawhide!"

Petunia broke out in hives shortly after arriving with her family and had to wear a cone of shame to stop itching.  Poor Girl!

She is ready for her runs in the rain and snow!  look good Petunia!!