Monday, June 30, 2014

Future computer expert?

I caught Ethan playing with my computer yesterday.  

When I called out his name, this is the response I got.  He knows he's been caught doing something he wasn't suppose too. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Fun

I was trying to wash up a few things last sunday and emptied the drier.  The next thing I knew, Matthew and ethan had crawled into the drier and were pretending it was a space ship.
I sat down and played with them and we must have blasted off to different places for almost an hour.

"Houston, we are ready for lift off"

"3-2-1 Blast Off"

Too priceless of a face not to post!

And we've finally landed on uncharted lands.... the small astronauts  emerge to explore their new surroundings. 

The astronauts out digging in strange lands

this fuzzy strange creature joined us on our exploration. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My boys

My boys are growing up so fast I just can't believe it.  I can't believe Ethan is almost a year old.  I swear I feel like I was pregnant with him just a few months ago.
Ethan loves to crawl into the shower and play 

"I love my Matthew!"

"yummm, Grandma's chocolate cake is AWESOME!!!!"  I think he ended up wearing more than he actually ate. 

Matthew's new day care is outstanding!  I am so happy with the change.  I picked him up one day last week and all the kids had gotten their faces painted.  Matthew was a pirate. 

Daddy was home a few weekends ago and Matthew just loves playing with him in the back yard. 

"Don't mess with me man, I have a pacifier and I am not afraid to use it!"

Why does it always seem that with cats and kids it the box that the toy comes in that they like more than the toy?

This is just wrong on so many levels!

Bath time craziness!

We read our bedtime books in Matthew's tent now and phantom frequently sticks his head in wanting to join us for story time.

"Don't I look sad?  You know you want to drop some of that cookie for me to eat.  Come on now, I am such a tortured and sad puppy, don't I deserve a little cookie?"

Now this can not be good.  What are they up to?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


We went to the park this past weekend and the boys had a lot of fun playing in the sprinkler part.

The water was really cold so its a good thing it was really hot out. 

Ethan is up and ready to follow his brother anywhere. 

I can't believe my little guy is getting so big so fast!

"Look at that Mommy."

"yikes!  that is really cold.  Mom, I'm really not so sure this is fun any more. "

"hmmm, I wonder what is down in there that I can pick up and stick in my mouth"

Meanwhile, right behind me, Phantom was resting in the cool shade of our new pop up shade tent. 

Matthew gets so cold so quickly so we wrapped him up and set him in the sun to warm up. 

What trip to the park would be complete without a visit to the ice cream truck for a Teenage mutant ninja turtle ice cream?!?

I couldn't fit all of it in the field but this was the coolest cloud.  it was a perfect half circle. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

How to train your dragon - 2

Matthew and I both really like the movie "How to Train your Dragon".  We were both very excited to go see the sequel this past weekend.

Matthew was flying with his dragon wings in preparation for the movie. 

Dragon Boy - flying on the couch.  A friend of mine gave us this costume as a hand me down.  How awesome!

Mr. Dragon watch the first "how to train your dragon" movie in preparation for the sequel. 

Being young is so much fun!

Even Phantom got excited about the movie and got to try on the dragon wings. 

My two dragon's being silly together. 

We are all ready to head off to the movie. 


Matthew at the movie theater... everyone loved his costume!

Mr. Dragon chased away the bunnies that were trying to eat my Rose bushes!  

We have a toddler!

Ethan is off and walking... at 10 months, just like his big brother

Phantom is not too happy about there being gates on the steps. 

Friday, June 13, 2014


Agh!  It's Batman!
I love my boy!
Its time for a "big boy bed"  And boy what a bed it is.  Matthew absolutely LOVES it!

The boys showing off their new Popsicle holders.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Eats everything

I Love Phantom and he is a really good dog but I swear.... he eats... EVERYTHING!!!
"What?  I didn't do anything. Really I didn't.  What's that you say?  There is Florescent Green Moon Sand on my nose and mouth?  I  don't know how it got there.  I didn't eat a whole box of Matthew's new moon sand while you were upstairs.  What's that?  Really, I'm gonna have fluorescent green poop tomorrow and I'm gonna go 6 times in 4 hours.... Nah, that's silly, I didn't eat anything"

Rocks and water

I was outside watering the new plants that my mom had put in for me when Matthew ran through my the hose.  We then played for a long wile in the water.  spontaneous fun with kids is the best!
Ah, to be a kid!

Aggghhh, he's comimg to get me!

Matthew may love the sprinkler but Ethan loves buckets and rocks

I just love that smile!

Where's Matthew?

Poor sleepy Matthew, fell asleep on the floor... Its so exhausting to be 3. 

BOYS  IN THE BATH.... William and his Mom came over for dinner and afterwards the boys decided to all take a bath.  Phantom really wanted to join them too. 

Suckers are great for teething!  They taste lots better than plastic chew toys. 

Yum!   Scrambled Eggs!!!

Ethan!  Like I've said before, that is the puppy's and the Cat's water dish not a bath for you. 

up ups!!!
Our last guide dog outing was on the new Fort Collins Max line.  It was need to see over 10 Puppies all on one bus!

Guide Dog Puppy outing on the new MAX line

Future Raiser

While we were waiting to get back on the MAX line, Matthew and Alex played us some tunes.