Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy Day #2

We had another crazy day today but not nearly as bad as yesterday.  Below are a few silly pictures of Irene misbehaving.

Irene kept grabbing Matthew's toys this weekend and we kept correcting her.  This was one of her favorites. It is a fish that goes over the faucet in the shower and she loved to stick her mouth in the hole.

Matthew says... "Irene!  Give me back my toy!"

Irene kept getting her nose stuck in the hole.  

Such a silly girl!

Matthew with rice all over his face (dinner) celebrates the return of his toy form Irene. 

Matthew just loves walking with Grandpa and pulling his new toy. 

View from out porch.

Grandpa and Matthew

"I love pulling my puppy"

Pretty View!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crazy Day

It was a zoo in the Kaplun household today.  My husband was sick and couldn't get out of bed, my parents are visiting and my Dad and I had food poisoning.  My mom recently had ankle replacement surgery and is hobbling around in a giant cast. Our friends are moving and they dropped off their bird, pet rats and cat for us to watch, oh and we are watching Irene for the weekend.  And did I mention that Matthew has a double ear infections and the antibiotics that he is on are giving him horrible diarrhea.... like 10 episodes a day of explosive run down the leg diarrhea.  Oh yeah and he's getting two new teeth.  So needless to say today has been a bit cray... here are a few photos from the mayhem.

Matthew crawled in to play with Irene

Irene did not enjoy sharing her Kennel and so left after giving Matthew a bunch of kisses. 


Irene is a terrible garbage mouth!  Here she is with one of Matthew's toys - Stinker!

Irene was so silly... she would carry a toy up to the top of the stairs and then let it fall down and chase after it.  

Such a pretty girl.

Say cheese!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Guide Dog Picnic

Alex and I hosted our local Guide Dog for the Blind summer picnic again this year.  I think everyone had a good time.  Here are some pictures of the many puppies.

Sprint is HUGE.. at only 14 weeks of age. 

Miss Irene (6 months) just loved playing in the pool. 

You may recognize this puppy.... our second puppy that was career changed for health reasons right before becoming a guide.  

Jorinda and Cupid taking a snooze. 

So sweet... the student and the teacher. 

Left to right... Jorinda (14 mo), Cupid (8 years), Petunia (11 weeks)

Puppies are so sweet!

How can you not love those faces?

Most of the Fort Collins Gang.

My friend's son Darius playing drag... I mean tug with a puppy. 

Hoss and Spirit, warn out by all the activity. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crazy Busy

I am not sure what we have been so busy doing but it seems the last few weeks have been crazy.  They have been full of 5 different puppies of all different ages, grandparents, friends and of course work.

Daddy and Matthew at our community pool. 

Learning to swim. 

Matthew loves the water!!!

"This is so much fun Mom!!"

Playing in the water fountains in downtown Denver

Matthew Rocking Lowes

One of the many puppies we have puppy sat over the past few weeks.  This is Petunia... 10 weeks old. 

Cake I made for a Doc who was leaving the clinic I work at. 

"Mom... where did you go?"

Look closely... Alex and Petunia... both doing some "back time" on the couch.  I know its illegal, but she is little and she was asleep in his lap to start. 

A friend of mine bough Matthew this hat... too cute!

Matthew love's Jon Stewart too.

An early morning Jet skiing with friends.

We are hosting the annual Fort Collins GDB picnic again this weekend.  So check back next week for lots of puppy pictures.   On  side note... Vigo was NOT chosen as a breeder.  We don't know why yet. Doesn't surprise me at all though.  He lost his boy parts a week or so ago and is now in regular training.  So far he is in phase zero.  I'll keep you posted.  I sure do miss the lazy boy!