Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guide Dog Annual Picnic

Alex and I hosted the Fort Collins GDB club annual summer picnic again this year.  At one point we had well over 10 puppies of all different ages all in the back yard having fun.  Our club is up to 15 puppies now so we had a lot of puppies and raisers at the picnic.

Vigo is just so sleepy.  Look at the size of those ears and paws.  He is gonna be a big boy!

Lacey is now 4 months old.  She has the most expressive face.   So cute!

Brianna took a moment to rest while Vigo snoozed on her belly and Alex played with Jurinda.

Jurinda ran off with some one's flip flop,  I just couldn't help snapping a picture quickly while someone ran to correct her and take the shoe away.

Vigo in Lacey's vest.  What an adorable puppy!

I finally found a few minutes to sit and rest and snuggle with Vigo.  He is so calm and sweet!

Vigo's litter mate Vernon, just couldn't take all the excitement anymore and had to take a nap.  (he has Lacey's vest on).

Anthony - "Hey baby, nice tail!"

Anthony - "hmm...mmhhh....  I like your style"

Mulan - "If only there was a pool around here."

Alex works hard to keep Jorinda and Vigo under control.

Anthony and Jorinda

Anthony came over Saturday for the start of our week with him, like always.  He was so good with sweet little Jorinda.  He was so gentle with her and he played so well with her.  I was so proud of him.

I thought this was so cute... I was taking a shower and the two of them just laid down in the exact same positions.

And even better, while I was getting ready I moved Jorinda's tie down to a different spot and she curled up to Anthony.   Anthony only put up with the snuggling for about 5 minutes. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dinner and three puppies

Brianna and Rob came over for dinner last night and brought Vigo with them.  We had a lot of fun watching the puppies play together.  Warning.... lots of pictures.

Vigo and I after dinner
Miss Jorinda suddenly decided after dinner that she was sleepy and took a nap.
Alex and Vigo get to know each other. 

Mr. Vigo
Anthony and Alex calmly watch the two little puppies play.
Vigo snuggles with Alex
Vigo (L) and Jorinda (R) chewed together on a bone for a long time.  It was so cute.
Back time is always good for a little puppy (Jorinda)
Vigo does "back time" with me and quickly fell asleep.
Vigo asleep on my lap and yes that is my ever enlarging belly bump on the left. 
Rob tugs with all THREE puppies at once. 
Jorinda loves her Kong.
This morning Alex put Anthony in the little puppy play pen and he had so much fun that I couldn't get him to come out.  Every time I would lift the gate he would just look at me as if to say, "Really do I have to?  It's fun in here."    What a good big boy Anthony is. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Watching Jorinda day #2

Little miss Jorinda did OK last night.  She got us up at 1am, 5am and 7am to pee.   The bigger problem was the winning and barking in her crate but we are working on it.  I have been really impressed with how smart she seems to be.  Watching her play with Anthony is amazing.  She tricks him and manipulates him in ways I have never seen an eight week puppy do.  

Sweet little puppy takes a nap. 
Her cute little face up close. 
She loves to use the pink dogie as a pillow. 
She also likes to cuddle up to the lamb.

We have Anthony this week and he came over early this morning.  It is so amazing to see how grown up he has become.  He plays go gently with Jorinda.  I have never seen an 8 week old puppy that wants to play so much tug.
Miss Jorinda thinks she can chew on a tug toy, silly girl.
Brianna and Rob are bringing Vigo over to play tonight.  Should be fun with Jorinda, Anthony and Vigo.  The annual Guide Dog Picnic is at our house tomorrow so there should be lots of fun puppy pictures to post in the next few days.  

Friday, June 25, 2010

Maddie's puppy Jorinda

Maddie has raised Gabrina and Betsy and today received Jorinda.   Maddie has a busy weekend of 4H stuff and couldn't take care of both Betsy and her new puppy.  We gladly offered to take care of little miss Jorinda since our new guy (Vigo - see below) is with his co-raisers.  I promised to post lots of pictures of her for Maddie to see, so below is our first day with her.

Jorinda is from a "J" littler of 9 puppies.   She is the third biggest of her litter at birth.  She is a potential international breeder.  It took her all of five minutes in the car on the way home from the puppy truck to fall into a sound sleep.  After about 30 minutes or so I go really hot and she was getting heavy.  So I put her down on a blanket.

The silly girl liked sleeping with her face all smooshed.

She rolled over though, once we turned the radio on, she didn't like having the speaker by her head.

Alex is trying to get Jorinda to pee but she seemed to be a bit overwhelmed by all of the new stuff around her and just sat and looked around. 

Isn't she a pretty girl?  Look at all that extra skin to grow into.

Jorinda's first meal.

Since she seemed a bit overwhelmed by the world we pulled out our small cat kennel to make her feel safe.  She climbed right in and went to sleep for at least an hour. 

Know that I am not crazy before you read on ....  I got a Baby Bjorn from a friend recently and I was trying to figure out how it works tonight when I thought....  hmm.... I wonder if the puppy would fit in it..

She actually really liked it.  I didn't keep her in it for long but she seemed to really like to be able to look around.  

At least now I know how the contraption works, thanks Jorinda for helping me figure it out. 

And of course, what does every puppy fresh off the puppy truck need?  A bath!  She was not really excited about the bath until I sat down with her in the tub and let her crawl into my lap. 

The end of the bath ... "I mean seriously, do I look like I want my picture taken?"

Post bath snuggle and nap on my lap.

Our new puppy

Brianna, Rob, Alex and I all drove to Denver today to pick up our new Guide Dog Puppy.  Brianna and Rob had to and put Eve on the truck to head off to California for "Guide Dog College", Boo Hoo.  Our new puppy is from a "V" litter and is 11 weeks old.   His name is Vigo and he was the 5th largest in the litter at birth.  He is a potential international breeder.  We're excited that he is already 11 weeks old because that means he will sleep through more of the night, potty train quicker and will be older by the time our baby comes in August.

Rob with our new guy Vigo, who is covered in news print from the puppy truck. 

Vigo up close.  He's a looker!

Vigo checks out his reflection in a door.  He thought it was the most fun thing EVER!

Rob (with Vigo) and Alex (with Jorinda).

Brianna gives Eve a kiss before putting her on the truck.

Miss Eve on her way back to San Rafael.  Good Luck Eve!  We are gonna miss you tons!!

I was so proud of Brianna, she didn't shed a tear when she put Eve on the truck.  When I put Gardner on last year, I cried like a baby.   We are watching Maddie's new little puppy Jorinda for the weekend.  She is 8 weeks old and so tiny and cute.  Check back tomorrow for pictures of her.  Vigo is with Brianna and Rob for the week but will be coming for a visit tomorrow so check back.  

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eve's Party

Our friends Brianna and Rob are raising the GDB puppy Eve and since Eve is going back this Friday they threw her a "going away party".   They had a bunch of their friends over,  yummy food and cake and even Acorn, another GDB puppy, came for the weekend to play with Eve.

Pretty girl Eve at her party. 

A very tired puppy takes a nap.....  oh to feel so free that you could sleep like this in front of lots of people. 

Eve snuggles with Brianna 

later on Eve snuggled up with me.  I didn't raise her but I have spend a lot of time with this cute puppy and I sure am going to miss her.