Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Loss of a great man!

About a week ago, my grandfather Ferd Trobridge passed away at the age of 86.  His death was somewhat unexpected but he was suffering so in a lot of ways it was a blessing.  I believe that he has moved on to whatever is next in life and I pray that he is at peace.  

His memorial services is being held today in North Carolina.  I'm sad that I will not be there in person to honor him, but I will be there in spirit.  My Grandfather was an amazing engineer and worked on projects like the space shuttle, the B52 bomber and the stealth bomber.  He was a husband, a father of two and a WWII veteran.  However, it is not what he did with his life that I will remember, but rather the man he was.  Watching him care for my Grandmother for over a decade without ever complaining taught me the true meaning of love and devotion.   His silly jokes, smiles and compassion for others and his family is what I will remember about him.  When I look at the pieces of pottery he has made that stand in my house I will remember the kind, optimistic, and loving man that my Grandfather was.  He will be missed!

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