Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guide Dog Annual Picnic

Alex and I hosted the Fort Collins GDB club annual summer picnic again this year.  At one point we had well over 10 puppies of all different ages all in the back yard having fun.  Our club is up to 15 puppies now so we had a lot of puppies and raisers at the picnic.

Vigo is just so sleepy.  Look at the size of those ears and paws.  He is gonna be a big boy!

Lacey is now 4 months old.  She has the most expressive face.   So cute!

Brianna took a moment to rest while Vigo snoozed on her belly and Alex played with Jurinda.

Jurinda ran off with some one's flip flop,  I just couldn't help snapping a picture quickly while someone ran to correct her and take the shoe away.

Vigo in Lacey's vest.  What an adorable puppy!

I finally found a few minutes to sit and rest and snuggle with Vigo.  He is so calm and sweet!

Vigo's litter mate Vernon, just couldn't take all the excitement anymore and had to take a nap.  (he has Lacey's vest on).

Anthony - "Hey baby, nice tail!"

Anthony - "hmm...mmhhh....  I like your style"

Mulan - "If only there was a pool around here."

Alex works hard to keep Jorinda and Vigo under control.

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Maddie and Betsy said...

We are going to have to get Vigo and Jorinda together fot a playdate soon! And Anthony and Betsy too of course! :)