Friday, June 25, 2010

Maddie's puppy Jorinda

Maddie has raised Gabrina and Betsy and today received Jorinda.   Maddie has a busy weekend of 4H stuff and couldn't take care of both Betsy and her new puppy.  We gladly offered to take care of little miss Jorinda since our new guy (Vigo - see below) is with his co-raisers.  I promised to post lots of pictures of her for Maddie to see, so below is our first day with her.

Jorinda is from a "J" littler of 9 puppies.   She is the third biggest of her litter at birth.  She is a potential international breeder.  It took her all of five minutes in the car on the way home from the puppy truck to fall into a sound sleep.  After about 30 minutes or so I go really hot and she was getting heavy.  So I put her down on a blanket.

The silly girl liked sleeping with her face all smooshed.

She rolled over though, once we turned the radio on, she didn't like having the speaker by her head.

Alex is trying to get Jorinda to pee but she seemed to be a bit overwhelmed by all of the new stuff around her and just sat and looked around. 

Isn't she a pretty girl?  Look at all that extra skin to grow into.

Jorinda's first meal.

Since she seemed a bit overwhelmed by the world we pulled out our small cat kennel to make her feel safe.  She climbed right in and went to sleep for at least an hour. 

Know that I am not crazy before you read on ....  I got a Baby Bjorn from a friend recently and I was trying to figure out how it works tonight when I thought....  hmm.... I wonder if the puppy would fit in it..

She actually really liked it.  I didn't keep her in it for long but she seemed to really like to be able to look around.  

At least now I know how the contraption works, thanks Jorinda for helping me figure it out. 

And of course, what does every puppy fresh off the puppy truck need?  A bath!  She was not really excited about the bath until I sat down with her in the tub and let her crawl into my lap. 

The end of the bath ... "I mean seriously, do I look like I want my picture taken?"

Post bath snuggle and nap on my lap.

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Lauren and Don said...

Awww. She is adorable and looks like such a sweetie! I love her puppy wrinkles. Those are some great photos- I especially like the one of Jorinda in the bath. SO cute :)