Sunday, June 13, 2010

His favorite toy

It appears fairly certain that Anthony will be going off to Guide Dog College on the Aug 12th puppy truck.  Now that I know for sure when he will be going back I want to spend every second I can with him.  He is really starting to act like a real grown up dog and makes me so proud on outings.  I sure am going to miss the goofball, but I know in my heart that he will be so happy as a Guide Dog.

We are getting our new puppy in two weeks so that it will be a bit older by the time the baby comes.  As of right now we are getting an intact black female marked for potential international breeding.  We are hoping by some chance it will changed to a yellow puppy but we will take what we get.  It's a reminder that we don't do this for us but for those that these dogs help.

One of Anthony's favorite toys is his Jolly Ball.  The rope that goes through it fell out long ago but he still loves to shake it, kick it and then chase it,  and of course chew on it.  I have to watch him closely when he is playing with it though because some times one of his bottom teeth will get stuck in the ball.  The look he is giving me in this picture is one of my favorites that he gives.  "I am so sweet and cute, don't you want to come play with me?"

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Maddie and Betsy said...

I'm so excited to get our puppies! They are going to be littermates :)