Friday, June 25, 2010

Our new puppy

Brianna, Rob, Alex and I all drove to Denver today to pick up our new Guide Dog Puppy.  Brianna and Rob had to and put Eve on the truck to head off to California for "Guide Dog College", Boo Hoo.  Our new puppy is from a "V" litter and is 11 weeks old.   His name is Vigo and he was the 5th largest in the litter at birth.  He is a potential international breeder.  We're excited that he is already 11 weeks old because that means he will sleep through more of the night, potty train quicker and will be older by the time our baby comes in August.

Rob with our new guy Vigo, who is covered in news print from the puppy truck. 

Vigo up close.  He's a looker!

Vigo checks out his reflection in a door.  He thought it was the most fun thing EVER!

Rob (with Vigo) and Alex (with Jorinda).

Brianna gives Eve a kiss before putting her on the truck.

Miss Eve on her way back to San Rafael.  Good Luck Eve!  We are gonna miss you tons!!

I was so proud of Brianna, she didn't shed a tear when she put Eve on the truck.  When I put Gardner on last year, I cried like a baby.   We are watching Maddie's new little puppy Jorinda for the weekend.  She is 8 weeks old and so tiny and cute.  Check back tomorrow for pictures of her.  Vigo is with Brianna and Rob for the week but will be coming for a visit tomorrow so check back.  


Amanda said...

Yea for new puppies! Our club got Julimae (FYL) and Keiko (MBL) yesterday. Julimae is probably Jorinda's sister. :)

Stacie said...

Amanda - I bet you are right, I bet Julimae and Jorinda are litter mates. that litter had 9 in it! We now have 16 puppies in our club and a lot of them are little which is a lot of fun.

Raiser Erin said...

You raised Gardner!? I have to tell you this story. My best friend's name is Carl Gardner and when I found out that both Carl and Gardner graduated in the same class I think I might have had a slight heart attack. :) Jorinda and Vigo are both quite adorable. But I dare anyone to find a puppy who isn't. :)