Saturday, June 18, 2011

Small World

I originally started my blog for my parents, so they could see what we where up to on the other side of the country.  But the more I put up the more followers I got.  I became amazed who all read my blog.  But the day after I posted the page about Vigo's return I had a great thing happen.  I received a comment on my blog that made my heart swell.

A volunteer, named Lindsey, walked the puppies from the puppy truck when it stopped in Utah.  She walked Vigo twice and said he is doing well.  I hope he wasn't too out of control around all the other puppies!  It made me feel so good to hear that he was doing well.  A huge thanks to Lindsey for giving our big boy some loving.  And a big thanks to the blogging world and the fun it brings.

Just a cute picture

"Hi Mom, I 'm not sure what I think about this new sun hat."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Early Father's Day

I wanted to do something special for my husband for father's day this year since it is his first.  So I bought this kit thing and built a very large work bench and put together a big bin organizer for his tools.  Then I cleaned out and organized the third bay in the garage so he can use it as a work space rather than the basement.  I have one other gift up my sleeve but I can't say yet in case he reads this....that one he is going to have to wait till next weekend for.

After cleaning up the space where the new bench is going to go and after a very nice friend of mine delivered the wood I bought... Matthew and I started trying to put things together.  Matthew was a great helper... cheering me on!

One thing I had to figure out was making the stupid saw work.  I eventually figured it out and got down to the business of measuring and cutting.  And I managed to NOT cut off a finger!  

After about 5 hours of work and a few curse words I had a beautiful workbench and bin organizer to present to my husband.  

The finished product... a work space in the garage for my honey....  He seemed to really be surprised and loved it. 

Alex and I went to a new restaurant in town tonight.  They had a bunch of columbines out front.  I snapped this quick so it is blurry but I just love these flowers... they are so pretty!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vigo is off to "Guide Dog College"

So I have to be honest...  for some reason I have bonded with vigo more than I have with puppies in the past.  Maybe it is his laid back personality or maybe it is all that we've been through in the past year.  All I know is that I am really going to miss the lazy silly boy!  Here are some pictures from the puppy truck on Friday.

"Mr. Dog Distracted" wouldn't look at the camera.  

My beautiful big boy and I in front of the puppy truck. 

Vigo wouldn't get in the kennel.  Even with a treat!  I had to pick him up and force him in... it broke my heart!  This pictures is a bit blurry because his sad look was making me start to cry.  I know he will have a great time but it still is hard!

Maddie, one of our clubs other raisers, let me love on her new puppy petunia so that I wouldn't feel so sad.   

We didn't get a new puppy on this truck.  It was really hard to give up a dog and not have a new puppy in my arms.  But with Matthew now crawling and soon to be walking.... a new puppy would be a bit much right now.  We are going to wait and see what happens with vigo and if he graduates then we will get another puppy in the fall.  In the mean time we are rapidly filling up our days with lots of puppy sitting. 

It's recall day!!

I woke up at 5am this morning, looked at Vigo sleeping on the floor next to our bed and I couldn't go back to sleep!  I am really dreading taking him to the truck today!  I know he will love it but I am going to miss him so much!!
This is one of my favorite things Vigo does.  He will just sit and stare out at the lake.  He doesn't move, he just looks around.  He always looks so peaceful!  I will always remember him here. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

One Freak of a Storm

The other night I woke out of a very sound sleep to the sound of pounding of hail on our house.  I rushed downstairs and grape size pea was falling on our porch.  Then it got smaller and just poured hail.  It was crazy.  The hail was pouring off our roof like water.  It was crazy!!

That is not Snow!!!  Its a few inches of pea size hail!

I had feed vigo on the porch tonight.... its now almost full of rain and hail.

The street was flooding fast and if you look at our neighbors house a cross the street, you can see the hail piling up on driveway and pouring off the roof. 

The next morning - our neighbor had covered his "precious" truck.  Smart actually. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Vigo's Last few weeks with us

I am so sad for us but excited for Vigo.  He is going to have so much fun at "Guide Dog College".  Buy man I sure am going to miss him. I can't believe he goes back in just 4 days... UGH!

This past week we have been watching Irene (5mo old).  Vigo, being intact, has really enjoyed her visit, sometimes more than I think he should.  At time I have needed a break from them playing so I would put them both in kennels and they would just sit and look at each other.  

If I felt bad about them being in kennels but still needed them to be under control, I put them both on tie downs but far enough away from each other that they could play but only play nicely. 

Yesterday we took Vigo for a walk in the park.  He got so hot that he literally just laid down on the walk and refused to go any further.  We had to wait for him to cool down and gave him lots of water.  His tongue was so huge and swollen, poor hot puppy.

To help him cool down I gave Vigo a much needed bath.  Matthew wanted to help and so I just picked him up and put him in the shower with us, clothes and all. 

Its been really warm lately so tonight after dinner I gave Matthew his bath in a pool on the deck and of course Vigo helped!

"Down Dog" baby yoga in the pool, silly baby!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A few weeks in pictures

 To celebrate my recovery from surgery, Alex, Matthew, Vigo and I all went to the Odell's brewery small batch brew fest.   I drove since my throat couldn't yet handle beer.  It was a cold afternoon but we all had fun.
The crew at the festival. 

The list of different beers that they had brewed and you could sample. 

The festival from a distance. 

Look who thinks he can drive already.

Before my dad left we went to a local restaurant and brewery.  

When Matthew sees a glass, regardless of its contents he just has to have it.  Soon after this picture my dad's beer went flying on to the ground thanks to Matthew's quick hands. 

Grandpa Johns playing in a "fort" with Matthew while doing laundry.  We sure did appreciate his help around the house and with Matthew while I was recovering from surgery. 

Matthew and his playmate Darius

He may hate me for this later in life but it was just too darn cute not to post.  He was really cranky due to teething and sometimes only being naked will make him 

He was really cranky due to teething and sometimes only being naked will make him happy.