Monday, June 6, 2011

Vigo's Last few weeks with us

I am so sad for us but excited for Vigo.  He is going to have so much fun at "Guide Dog College".  Buy man I sure am going to miss him. I can't believe he goes back in just 4 days... UGH!

This past week we have been watching Irene (5mo old).  Vigo, being intact, has really enjoyed her visit, sometimes more than I think he should.  At time I have needed a break from them playing so I would put them both in kennels and they would just sit and look at each other.  

If I felt bad about them being in kennels but still needed them to be under control, I put them both on tie downs but far enough away from each other that they could play but only play nicely. 

Yesterday we took Vigo for a walk in the park.  He got so hot that he literally just laid down on the walk and refused to go any further.  We had to wait for him to cool down and gave him lots of water.  His tongue was so huge and swollen, poor hot puppy.

To help him cool down I gave Vigo a much needed bath.  Matthew wanted to help and so I just picked him up and put him in the shower with us, clothes and all. 

Its been really warm lately so tonight after dinner I gave Matthew his bath in a pool on the deck and of course Vigo helped!

"Down Dog" baby yoga in the pool, silly baby!

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Shelly :) said...

That last picture is super cute! Good Luck to Vigo as he heads off to college! :)