Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Boys

I love my boys!!!  Here is a great shot of all three of them playing together.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Buds

The older Matthew gets the more he and Vigo interact.  Vigo is so remarkably good with him.  He is so gentle and always wants to be by his side.  He doesn't even get upset when Matthew sticks his hands in his mouth or pulls on his ears.  

Vigo often just rests his head on Matthew. 

Some times I think we live in a zoo.  Here is the baby, the puppy, the crazy cat and all the toys on the floor.

"Mmmmmm, he's tasty"

"Hi there Matthew.... what did you you eat for lunch..... got any left for me?"

"Come here Vigo.... I want to pet you!"

I had to post this because it was just too cute


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cute Little Guy

I was giving Matthew a bath the other night I just couldn't resist snapping this picture

For those of you who know me.... you know that I really hate vegetables.... Literally everything green is really disgusting to me.   So I am shocked that Matthew's favorite food so far seems to be Peas.   We're still working on getting the food actually "in" his mouth.  He insists on holding on to the spoon, when he isn't holding the spoon he won't open his mouth, so it makes for a mess.  Gotta love it!

A very tired Matthew trying to stay awake and not fall over in target. 

I was shopping for some pants for Matthew on line, when I saw this Halloween costume for only $6.  I couldn't resist buying it just so I could take some cute pictures of him in it..... such a mean mommy I am. 

For Valentine's day my parents sent Matthew a build a bear that has a recorded message from them in it. Every time I squeeze his paw and the message play, he looks around all confused and then grabs for the bear.  I think he loves his grandparents. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beautiful Day

This past Saturday was absolutely beautiful her in Fort Collins; 65 degrees, sunny and nothing but blue sky.  Brianna and I took Vigo for a walk and took Matthew with us.  He really enjoyed being out.

Matthew getting ready for our walk

Matthew and I outside taking down the Christmas lights. 

All that fresh air put him right to sleep.