Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Matthew was sad that Daddy went back to school so he pained a picture to mail him. 

Its 10 pm Ethan.... What do you mean you want to go outside and play?  I don't think so!  Go put your brothers coat back and lets try yet again to get you to go to sleep. 

Eddie was at a sitters house on sunday and he chose to sleep in the end table... how cute. 

Snuggle time

Really?  You are sleeping like that?  Puppies are so goofy!

Snowy weekend

We had a big snow storm this past weekend and got about a foot of snow.  We had fun playing all weekend both inside and out.

The boys are building a fort and Eddie is helping.

Where's Ethan?

Alex made it home for the weekend despite the storm and had some fun playing with Ethan outside for a bit at the start of the snow. 

"What is this white stuff you call snow?"

"Hmmm, I think maybe I like it."

"yep... its official.... I do indeed like this white stuff!"

Eddie has the shovel in his mouth and is trying to "help" matthew shovel the back proch. 

No, Matthew is not about to hit Eddie with the shovel.... he is retrieving it from Eddie's sharp teeth. 

OMG!  How cute is he!

That's a lot of snow!

Eddie and Matthew working hard to shovel the porch. 

It only took about an hour but we are all finally all dressed and ready to go out and play in the snow. 

Come on Ethan... You can do it!

Better take a break before we walk through the foot of snow some more. 

now that is a lot of snow!

And they're off!!!

Eddie had a blast Bounding through the snow. 

Ethan didn't really seem to like the snow to much.  I think it was a bit too deep for his liking. 

It doesn't look that deep but at times it covered his entire legs. 

all this snow to play in and they want to swing... go figure. 

Ethan just loves to swing... I think he would swing all day if I would let him. 

Eddie is just too cute!

He looks so sweet... but boy is he a stinker!

He has already figured out that my office is his "home" when he is with me at work.   What a good boy. 

Amanda has been attending GDB meetings with us and is such a huge help with Eddie at !  She'works also a fantastic MA!!   It really does take a community to raise these cuties. 

Finally he stops and sleeps!

Just too cute!!!

OH the sweet puppy snuggles!

Fun times

We had some beautiful weather this past few weeks.  I enjoyed taking the boys to the park to play.

wow Ethan... You are way UP high on that mammoth. 

Silly Boy!

Go Matthew go!  He is so proud that he can climb up on his own now. 

Matthew loves to climb... I hope that doesn't mean we will have rock climbing in our future.... 

After the park, sweet little Eddie got a bath and then fell asleep all curled up in his blanket. 

They are so sweet when they sleep!

This is why I put him on a tie down in the back part of the van.  If I don't then he climbs up on the seats..... 

On our way home form loveland the other day we saw a bald eagle in a tree.  We stopped to look at the beautiful bird.  

Weekend fun with play dough!!

Hi Eddie.... what ya doing?

I was snuggling with Eddie when he jumped out of my arms and scampered to the top of the couch.... He seems to be saying... "look lady, I told you that I didn't want to snuggle any more.... I"m out of here."

Musical zoo

My parents took Matthew to the Muscial zoo last weekend.  He had a great time trying out all of the fun instruments.

Wow its twice as big as he is!

Grandpa said he played it really well!

He unfortunately is really good at the drums....

He had so much fun that when he got home he totally passed out in front of the TV.   This saying something because this child NEVER goes to sleep without a lot of effort. 

Notice the clarinet reed in his hand.... Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the great day!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day

The boys enjoyed some chocolate on Valentines day morning. 

After eating his chocolate, Ethan wanted to eat Daddy's.

Love you Daddy!!

Tug time!

Matthew loves tugging with Eddie. 

A very tired and sleepy boy.  growing up is exhausting!

He's OUT!