Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fun times

We had some beautiful weather this past few weeks.  I enjoyed taking the boys to the park to play.

wow Ethan... You are way UP high on that mammoth. 

Silly Boy!

Go Matthew go!  He is so proud that he can climb up on his own now. 

Matthew loves to climb... I hope that doesn't mean we will have rock climbing in our future.... 

After the park, sweet little Eddie got a bath and then fell asleep all curled up in his blanket. 

They are so sweet when they sleep!

This is why I put him on a tie down in the back part of the van.  If I don't then he climbs up on the seats..... 

On our way home form loveland the other day we saw a bald eagle in a tree.  We stopped to look at the beautiful bird.  

Weekend fun with play dough!!

Hi Eddie.... what ya doing?

I was snuggling with Eddie when he jumped out of my arms and scampered to the top of the couch.... He seems to be saying... "look lady, I told you that I didn't want to snuggle any more.... I"m out of here."

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