Sunday, February 15, 2015

Guide Dog # 7 --- Eddie

My guide dog puppy #7 has finally arrived.  We have been waiting for him for almost two months.  He was flew here and we drove to denver to pick him up.  It is very odd to get a puppy that comes not off of the puppy truck.

Eddie --- 8 weeks old.

He arrived all covered in pee and poop so had to get a bath right away. 

Such a tiny wet puppy

Kit - coraiser- helps dry him off. 

What cute wet head. 

I think Kit is in love!

I just love wet puppy faces!!!

He's so fuzzy and cute!

Matthew was so excited that he climbed right into the kennel with him and wanted to sleep in there with him. 

People at work are so excited to have a new puppy!

Such a sweet little guy.... he so little!

"why did you wake me up?"

Fuzz face!

Gay is ecstatic that we got our new puppy!

I couldn't leave him kenneled all day so brought him with me to a meeting at Panera and he slept the whole time. 

Work is so hard!

Another happy friend that is so glad we finally got our new puppy!

"Um guys... this meeting is really boring"

Phantom visited for the weekend and Eddie wasn't quite sure what to make of him. 

Sleepy little guy.

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