Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween from a snowy but sunny Colorado!

I think my pumpkins actually look cute with a hat of snow!

A fun day

We took today easy as I was recovering from an exhausting migraine headache the day before.  So Alex, my mom, Anthony and I drove to Estes Park and drove through Rocky Mountain National Park in order to see the pretty mountains covered in snow.  We then drove to Boulder to the Celestial Seasons Tea Factory and enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the Med.   We got really lucky and saw lots of Animals and Anthony was so good all day.  I was super proud of him!  He didn't even get scared by all the crazy drunk college students on pearl street in Boulder.   Without further ado, here are some pics of the day:

A big beautiful bull was raiding a ladies bird feeder.

Handsome rocky mountain sheep

 The young males were practicing head butting.  This is as they raise up and run toward each other.

The noise when they hit was so loud!

While the boys where butting heads, Mom and Baby went for a stroll.

Alex, Anthony and I up at "Many Curves Point".

Mom takes a picture of the mountains and of herself. (in the review mirror).  Silly mom!

Field full of Elk.

A big group of yearling Elk and their females.

We tasted some great teas and Anthony loved all of the things to smell.

Play Date

Eve came over yesterday afternoon to play with Anthony in the snow.   Its hard to get good pictures of running dogs with snow flying but I think I got a few cute ones.

Give them a tug toy and they will occupy themselves for hours.

 Eve captured the tug and off she goes.

After a moment of calm Brianna offers the tug back to the puppies.  Notice that the leaves are still on the tree.  Crazy Colorado.

Running, Tugging snow puppies.

No snow to deep will keep them from chasing each other.

Anthony finally gets a one up on Eve.

And this time, off Anthony goes with the tug.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun in the Snow

 Mom and I had a great day yesterday playing in the snow with Anthony.

 Is that my mom or a happy snow terrorist.

Anthony charges through the 28 inches of snow in the back yard.

Anthony Bounding through the snow.

Where's Anthony?  The snow drifts were so deep in some spots of the yard that all you could see was Anthony's head.

Anthony making a giant hole in the snow.

 "you talking to me?"

 cold snow puppy kisses

 Colorado's version of a the beach

The next 6 pictures or so are a series of shots.  Anthony jumped off the ledge and completely disappeared in the snow and then came bounding out.  I got pictures of it all and thought it was cute. 
The Black blob is Anthony's butt as he dives off of the ledge head first into the snow

Where's Anthony?  Does any one see him?

Oh there he is - or at least there is his head.

He comes bounding out of the pile of snow.

And then back down face first he goes.

And at last he come running out with what I think is a grin on his face.

One last shot of the beautiful snow puppy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mom is here!

My mom came to visit for the weekend!!  It is the first time that we have gotten to see each other in nearly a year so I was really relived when her plane landed on time last night despite the yucky weather.

I showed Mom how to do "back time" with Anthony.

When mom got tired, she just laid back and sleepy Anthony just went with her. 

Goodmorning Fort Collins Colorado two days later!

Colorado's weather in my opinion is a bit well ... nuts!  Last week it was 70 degrees and this week we are having our first big winter storm, and it isn't even Halloween yet.  CRAZY!  But fun at the same time.  We have at least two feet on the ground currently and it's still falling.  I snapped just a few pictures when I took Anthony out this morning.  Eve is coming over this after noon so they can play together in the snow so you can expect a bunch more pictures later on.

Our Pine trees covered in snow.

Anthony is nearly buried by the deep snow.  He seems to really love it though and goes bounding and jumping through it with great joy.

Sorry Anthony, but I just couldn't resist this one!  It is really hard when you are a little puppy to go poop in two feet of snow.  Eventually you figure out that you just have to lift your tail and go despite the snow.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodmorning Fort Collins Colorado!

One thing I love about winter in Fort Collins are the amazing sunrises!  The picture doesn't do it justice but here is a picture of the view of one of the many pretty sunrises as seen from our deck.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Gardner is Graduating from Guide Dog "College" on November 7th!!!    I am super excited for him but said for us and Guys.  We all love him very much and would have loved to have had him back.  I think he will be very happy as a guide dog.  The Guys are planning to go to graduation so I will post pictures from the event when they get back.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Car Wash

Anthony is 5 1/2 months old now and in that time I have never once seen him afraid of anything!  That all changed today.  I was off from work and he and I were out running errands when I decided to get my car washed.  We pulled into the car wash and Anthony started looking around and looking nervous.  Then the water started squirting and the noise started and Anthony freaked!  He jumped strait up into my lap and stuck his head into my armpit and whimpered and shook like crazy.  I felt so bad for the poor guy that I contemplated getting out, but only for a split second.  We survived the car wash but it seemed to last forever!  As soon as we got out I let Anthony get out of the car and sniff the car wash and then we got back in and drove off and he was back to normal. Silly Puppy!

Few new puppies

We have gotten four new puppies in our GDB club lately. Here are a few pics of a couple of the cuties at our monthly meeting last week.

 Acorn - One of Bloomer's puppy!

 Alex playing with one of the 12 week old puppy that is HUGE!

 Mulan - I think she looks a lot like Eve did when she was a puppy.

I am actually not sure which one this it - but it sure is cute!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pretty puppy and friends

While I was working  on the cake on Saturday I took a break to take a few pictures of Anthony laying in a sunbeam.  His face is starting to look so grown up.

Anthony loves to lay in sun beams - we often call him "sunny"

What a pretty dog he is growing up to be.

While I was trying to take pictures of Anthony, Bree came in and wanted to play.  I was laying on the floor and she kept rubbing her face on my lens as I was taking pictures.  I ended up with some funny pictures that I thought I would share just for kicks.

Bree, jealous of the attention I am showing Athony, wants some attention too.

"silly kitty, get out of the way".....Purrr, Purrr, Purrr......rub, rub, rub.....and then Anthony had to come run over to play as well and the pictures taking opportunity was over.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch Outing

 Every year the Guide Dogs get invited to a big pumpkin patch party put on by a mortgage company.  It's a fun event and we get free pumpkins too.  There is face painting for the kids and hay rides and food.  We had beautiful 70 degree fall weather and a good time was had by all.  Check out my website for more pictures but here are a few.

We carpooled with the Havlick's and Anthony snuggled with Alex for a
few minutes before he dropped to the floor and went to sleep.

 Eve - What a pretty girl!

 Anthony and Pooh!
 The Kaplun Family in the Pumpkin Patch

 Anthony meets sheep for the first time.  Notice his head is through the fence!

 Goof Ball with Tigger - need I say more!

Anthony and Mini.

What a pretty dog in the pumpkin patch!

Anthony and Piglet.

Some of the gang.

 Mystery - now 15 months - goes back to Calf at the end of the month.

 Guide Dog puppies on a hay ride.  The horses didn't bother them at all but they didn't like the stairs up onto the cart.

Betsy and Maddie on the Hay Ride.