Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun in the Snow

 Mom and I had a great day yesterday playing in the snow with Anthony.

 Is that my mom or a happy snow terrorist.

Anthony charges through the 28 inches of snow in the back yard.

Anthony Bounding through the snow.

Where's Anthony?  The snow drifts were so deep in some spots of the yard that all you could see was Anthony's head.

Anthony making a giant hole in the snow.

 "you talking to me?"

 cold snow puppy kisses

 Colorado's version of a the beach

The next 6 pictures or so are a series of shots.  Anthony jumped off the ledge and completely disappeared in the snow and then came bounding out.  I got pictures of it all and thought it was cute. 
The Black blob is Anthony's butt as he dives off of the ledge head first into the snow

Where's Anthony?  Does any one see him?

Oh there he is - or at least there is his head.

He comes bounding out of the pile of snow.

And then back down face first he goes.

And at last he come running out with what I think is a grin on his face.

One last shot of the beautiful snow puppy.

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