Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goodmorning Fort Collins Colorado two days later!

Colorado's weather in my opinion is a bit well ... nuts!  Last week it was 70 degrees and this week we are having our first big winter storm, and it isn't even Halloween yet.  CRAZY!  But fun at the same time.  We have at least two feet on the ground currently and it's still falling.  I snapped just a few pictures when I took Anthony out this morning.  Eve is coming over this after noon so they can play together in the snow so you can expect a bunch more pictures later on.

Our Pine trees covered in snow.

Anthony is nearly buried by the deep snow.  He seems to really love it though and goes bounding and jumping through it with great joy.

Sorry Anthony, but I just couldn't resist this one!  It is really hard when you are a little puppy to go poop in two feet of snow.  Eventually you figure out that you just have to lift your tail and go despite the snow.

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