Monday, October 19, 2009


 Are Bree and Anthony best friends yet?  Well, no not exactly, but they are really getting along  well.  There are still quite a few moments where Anthony thinks he should chase Bree in circles or pounce towards her and play.  I just couldn't resist snapping this picture the other day to show the progress we are making in the Kaplun household.

The other night I picked a sleeping Anthony up and held him on my lap while I sat on the sofa.  Bree came up on the sofa and snuggled up next to me and was purring like crazy.  Anthony's head soon flopped over and ended up on Bree.  After a few seconds, Bree realized it was the dogs head, hissed, but kept purring and then went back to sleep.  I think we are making some definite progress.

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