Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pretty puppy and friends

While I was working  on the cake on Saturday I took a break to take a few pictures of Anthony laying in a sunbeam.  His face is starting to look so grown up.

Anthony loves to lay in sun beams - we often call him "sunny"

What a pretty dog he is growing up to be.

While I was trying to take pictures of Anthony, Bree came in and wanted to play.  I was laying on the floor and she kept rubbing her face on my lens as I was taking pictures.  I ended up with some funny pictures that I thought I would share just for kicks.

Bree, jealous of the attention I am showing Athony, wants some attention too.

"silly kitty, get out of the way".....Purrr, Purrr, Purrr......rub, rub, rub.....and then Anthony had to come run over to play as well and the pictures taking opportunity was over.

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