Monday, October 12, 2009

Anthony's first snow

I returned from Salt Lake City to two to three inches of snow on the ground.  Crazy for the first week in October, even for Colorado.  At Guy's house Anthony really didn't like the snow but by the time he got to our house he enjoyed digging and sniffing the snow.  By the second day he thought the crunchy snow was the coolest stuff ever and he had taken to eating it.

Anthony sticking his nose deep in the snow and playing around.  By the way, notice in the background that my rose buses still "had" flowers on them, before the snow hit.

I made Anthony a snow ball and he enjoyed eating it even more than he does ice cubes.

"I love to eat snow balls"

Shawnna dressed Anthony in their pet dog Coco's winter coat and this was just too cute not to share.

With all this cold weather, Anthony's new favorite spot is in front of the fire place. Doesn't he look grown up in this shot?  He is now just 5 months old.

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