Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ethan's first photo shoot

I've been too tired and busy to take a bunch of pictures of Ethan.  But I recently found some energy to take a few pictures of my beautiful boy at 5 weeks of age.

 And of course what photo shoot would be complete without a few "outtakes"
"Really Mom.... how long do I have to sit in this fluffy girly stuff?" 

Matthew wanted Ethan to have one of his toys

"I don't wanna play any more!"

Big Brother Matthew wanted to be in the pictures too.

Matthew's Party

We had a simple party this past weekend with cake and ice cream for Matthew's third birthday.   I think we all had a lot of fun.  My dad snapped a few pictures of the event for me.

The Birthday Boy

I think he wants some cake... "yum"

Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out the candles. 

Cake and Ice Cream... Yum!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Matthew is 3!!!

Matthew's Third birthday was yesterday.  We went out to eat at Olive Garden and then came home for a simple cake and presents.  He's gotten good at opening gifts and had a blast doing it.  His big party with friends and a fun cake is tomorrow.  

Random picture with us at the pool.  He wanted to swim so badly. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

More Pictures

Such a little peanut

Matthew is so sweet.  He keeps putting his toys on top of Ethan because he wants to share with him. 

all snuggled up



Matthew helped give Ethan a bottle while I was fixing dinner and couldn't breast feed. 

Matthew is such a great helper.  He even helps me bathe Ethan. 

He's so gentle

Brotherly love!

Dilbert and "super Matthew" at the sprinkler park

Tummy time

"so the first thing you need to learn is where Mom hides the chocolate"

Matthew kept doing everything Ethan did. 

Matthew loves the "present" that Ethan brought him after he was born.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Alex sent Matthew a  blow up boat... fun for all

too cute!

His hair is so soft

"I don't like my bath!"

"I found my fingers!"

What a pair

Dilbert is such a good dog!
"I will not go to sleep.... I will not go to sleep!"