Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welcome Ethan

I went to my OB visit at 38 weeks and my blood pressure was way to high.  They decided to induce me the following morning.  Alex was able to jump on a flight and come home.  They broke my water at 8 am the next day and then nothing major happened for 6 hours.  Then they gave me a small dose of cytotec and I slowly began to have some real contractions.  Then all of a sudden I went from comfortable to needing to push in less than 15 minutes.  And 20 minutes later without any pain meds or the epidural I desperately wanted I delivered  Ethan - 6 pounds 4 ounces.  It was not at all the delivery I had been hoping for but everyone was healthy and well so I can't complain.  I was so glad that Alex, my mom and my good friend Deb were all able to be there. 

Water has been broken... let's have a baby!

A very tired Daddy gets some rest before the action gets going

The happy family

Right after Ethan was born there was a double full rainbow outside of our room's window. 

Ethan had so much hair at birth that the nurse spiked his hair during his bath. 
Daddy and Ethan catching some ZZZZZ's. 

A happy daddy

Grandpa Johns meets Ethan

Matthew meets his new brother

Matthew has loved Ethan from day one

checking out baby brother's hair

Dilbert says hi to Ethan
"Really?  A second one?"

Just Chillin'

I have this exact same picture of Matthew.  

Grandma is in love again

Daddy and his boy

Grandma Johns

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