Saturday, September 3, 2016

Poor dilbert - Greenies are evil!

Our sweet dear Diblert had a bad week in August.  I bought him a big box of Greenies teeth cleaning treats from costoco and the boys gave him a few extra one day (he had a total of about 4).  The next thing we new he was vomiting blood in the kitchen and was in shock.  We rushed him to the CSU vet school and thank GOD for them and the fact that they are the #1 vet school in the nation.  They saved our big guy.  As it turned out the Greenies had stuck to his stomach lining and pulled it off causing him to hemorrhage and then he developed Hemoragic Gastroentoritis.  This is where basically the lining of his gut falls off and he can't absorb protein and thus stays in a proprietorial state of shock.  This condition know as HGE has a very high rate of mortality in dogs.  Our poor Dilbert was in the Doggie ICU for over a week getting IV fluids, protein, antibiotics and  plasma.  Somehow they managed to save him!  We were really really scared for awhile that we would loose him.  I am so thankful for the staff, doctors and students there that saved our sweet Dilbert.  I wish it hadn't cost us so much but he's worth it and we can always go to disney world next year.  We didn't need to go this year anyways.

Dilbert before he got sick snuggling his favorite toy a stuffed Moose. 

I'm not sure how he can sleep with it actually in his mouth. 

Dilbert really loves his moose. 

They unhooked Dilbert from his IV's and gave us 5 minutes to pet him and give him some love before they had to connect him back up to his "life supporting' IV treatments.   He was so weak and sick.  he could barely walk.  

Matthew was besides himself and so worried about Dilbert.  I think he felt really bad since he had given him the extra Greenies.  But I mean seriously, who could have know two extra Greenies could do this.   For his sake I am SO glad he survived!

We tried to take him home mid week but he just went right back into shock.  We were home a whole two hours before I had to call the doctor and go back in.  

My poor sad sick Dilbert.  He wouldn't even wake up or get up for food.  Those of you that know Dilbert know that this means there is something seriously wrong with him.  He will do anything for food. 

Dilbert finally made it home and gets to start his recovery.  Willoughby is not really sure what all the fuss over Dilbert is about. 

It took about another 10 days but finally Dilbert began to play again. 

I am so thankful that Dilbert pulled through!!!
Beautiful thankful and happy!

I think Willoughby is super glad that Dilbert is ok too!

Now that is just too dang cute!!!!