Monday, November 10, 2014


More random pictures of the "boys" in my life....

After I get ethan to sleep Matthew and I usually go to the mail box to get the mail.  On this night it was pouring rain and very windy and he still insisted on ridding his bat man bike that he absolutely adores.  He thought doing this in rain was a grand adventure!

What is more fun than playing with moon sand in your PJ's in the warm morning sun?

Boys?  What are you doing up there.... Matthew, you better not throw that book on my head!

I love they way he stands... It reminds me so much of his Grandpa Kaplun.  He does this all the time and he even walks like him too. 

He's only 15 months old and he is already standing on this and trying to make it rock and not loose his balance.... Oh man!  I have two boys..... and they do crazy things already!  I see a lot of worries in my future!

After watching his brother on the rocking horse, Matthew wanted to me to take pictures of him doing "awesome" crashes off of it.  Again, oh dear..... I have boys!


Random pictures of the "men" in my life. 

"what ya doing back there?  Where is there stuff where I normally get you sit?"

We had to take Bree to the vet to get some vaccines and Matthew was very worried that the shots were going to hurt her.   He is such a sweet and sensitive boy!

He was very genuinely worried for her.  Look at the sad look on his face. 

The normally very crazy Bree was very calm and just sat still and let Matthew comfort her. 

Grandpa's birthday

My Dad's birthday was last week.  The boys had fun with the packing of his presents. 
"yeah!!!   Styrofoam!"

"I'm so excited that I think I will try and stand on my head on this piece of Styrofoam!"

who needs toys when you have packaging?!?!

The next day Matthew and Grandpa had a blast using "tools" on the Styrofoam 

Sawing is very serious business!

A very happy Matthew enjoying the fun silverware that my friend gave me. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


The Kaplun family had a fun Halloween.

Two really cute brothers all dressed up for the Halloween parade at school

And Phantom is all ready too. 
Iron Man was really in to trick or treating this year.  He ran from house to house with so much joy!

"Really guys?"

"so can I take this off yet?"

While handing out candy, Ethan disappeared... Where is Ethan?

There's Ethan!

My friend and her son Will came over the day after Halloween to play and Matthew and Will choose to play in the kennel.  What goofballs!

Boys playing outside

Matthew is turning into such a rough and tumble boy.... He has a bruise and a cut on his nose.  

"What the heck is this all about?!?!?!"  Where am I suppose to sleep?