Tuesday, November 4, 2014


The Kaplun family had a fun Halloween.

Two really cute brothers all dressed up for the Halloween parade at school

And Phantom is all ready too. 
Iron Man was really in to trick or treating this year.  He ran from house to house with so much joy!

"Really guys?"

"so can I take this off yet?"

While handing out candy, Ethan disappeared... Where is Ethan?

There's Ethan!

My friend and her son Will came over the day after Halloween to play and Matthew and Will choose to play in the kennel.  What goofballs!

Boys playing outside

Matthew is turning into such a rough and tumble boy.... He has a bruise and a cut on his nose.  

"What the heck is this all about?!?!?!"  Where am I suppose to sleep?

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