Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tooth Fairy

It looks like the tooth fairy will be coming in our house tonight.  Anthony has been teething for the past month or so.  But typically we just see blood on his toys as he chews and then we notice that new teeth have suddenly appeared in his mouth when we are brushing his teeth.  Tonight however I noticed a lot of blood on his toy and I started looking around and found a full baby Canine tooth on the floor.   Now if he were human I would suspect he would be cranky but he seems happy as can be.   So maybe if he leaves his tooth under his bed tonight in his puppy Kong the tooth fairy will bring him an ice cube for his sore mouth.

I have to admit that I  did not take the pictures below but they were just to cute not to share.  I said earlier that we had run into the Havlicks at the Rockies game last Saturday and that they had Eve with them.  Well below are a few pics that they took at the game.

(L to R) Brianna, Rob, Alex and I , oh and of course Eve at the Rockies game.

 Brianna took this....Eve is cheering on the Rockies and watching the action.

In this one Eve actually has her head on the shoulder on the guy in front of them. (silly puppy)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

GDB Outing

 Today was our monthly GDB outing.  We all went to one of local fire departments and let the dogs see the firemen in all of the gear so that they would not be afraid if they ever encountered them while working.

Fun Weekend in Denver

The I-25 Beer Bandits had yet another great year at the Great American Beer Fest (GABF).  We all live along I-25 from Fort Collins down through NM.  We all gather once a year with team shirts, pretzel necklaces and fake mustaches (just for fun) and spend a weekend together in Denver.  This was Alex and I's third GABF.  There are now 11 total I-25 Beer Bandits.  The Festival is held in the convention center and this year there were 457 breweries represented with over 3000 different beers to sample.

You are given a one ounce glass and you can sample as much or as little of the beer as you want during the night.  There are some amazingly good beer and some really bad beer.  We all tried to be a lot more selective about what we tired this year.  GABF is also a very prestigious competition for the breweries and awards are given out on Saturday.

 The I-25 Beer Bandits waiting in line outside the convention center (4pm), doors open at 5:30pm.

 Alex looks down right scary with his fake mustache.

 Not much to do while we wait for the door to open except smile and take pictures.

 Alex is trying to choose which beer he wants to sample next.

 The I-25 Beer Bandits 2009!!!  No Alex is not falling over he was just being silly as usual.

On Saturday, the day after GABF, we all got up and went to Coors Field and toured the stadium before watching the Rockies take on the Cardinals.  The tour was actually interesting and the game was a blast!

 Gates to Coors Field.

 Me in the dugout.

 Alex and I on the Field.

 We were able to get 2 for 1 seats int he Wells Fargo Club seating section and it was AMAZING!!  The seats were padded and were much more spacious.  There were waiters that would bring you food and they  had chefs carving meat!  They had great lounges where you could rest before the game and the bathrooms were tons nicer than that rest of the stadium.  And all for really just a few bucks more.  It was great!

 Our seats were right at first base and we had a great view of the sunset over the mountains.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but it was beautiful!

Our Friends the Havlick's were at the game too and we meet up with them briefly to say Hi and they brought Eve with them.  They were so sweet and let us watch Eve for half of the game.  She was so good, especially with all the noise!
 I felt bad for her that she had to lay on the dirty cement but I guess that's what dogs do.

I tried not to put a gazillion pictures up on the blog but if you want to see more pictures of the festivities you can go to our website (www.kaplunfamily.com) and find links to pics under "fun with friends".

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I was thinking today about how time changes things.  Just months ago Garner lay on our kitchen floor teaching Eve how to play gently with another puppy.  Then this past week Eve laid in the exact same place as Gardner and showed Anthony how to play gently.  Watching the puppies grow and progress from "student" to "teacher" is a really fascinating process to withhold.

Eve (2.5 months old)  and Gardner (just over a year old) play.

Eve (now almost 7 months old) and Anthony (4 months old) play.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bipolar Colorado

So last week it was almost 90 degrees every day and sunny and this week it has been in the low 50's and rainy.  They are getting tons of snow in the mountains and RMNP already closed Trail Ridge Road for the season due to snow.  I really don't get the weather out here.  Its like summer ended on Sunday and Winter started on Monday.  UGH!  Hopefully fall will return, I am still hopeful.  And if not then it will make for a great start to ski season! (we bought our passes last weekend, YIPPEE)

We haven't wanted to turn the heat on and so our house if very chilly.  Bree has been clinging to us like glue to keep warm. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


After my long week last week, I enjoyed some R & R time with Anthony this past weekend.  We sat in the hammock for awhile and listened to music and watched the pelicans on the lake.  I took a few pics on my IPhone from my view.  I sure do miss the goof ball this week.

The big boy chills next to me in the hammock.

Quiet time spent looking at nature.

Anthony doesn't mind wearing a pink drag line, he's a manly man, that and he peed on all of the other ones and they needed washed. : )