Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tooth Fairy

It looks like the tooth fairy will be coming in our house tonight.  Anthony has been teething for the past month or so.  But typically we just see blood on his toys as he chews and then we notice that new teeth have suddenly appeared in his mouth when we are brushing his teeth.  Tonight however I noticed a lot of blood on his toy and I started looking around and found a full baby Canine tooth on the floor.   Now if he were human I would suspect he would be cranky but he seems happy as can be.   So maybe if he leaves his tooth under his bed tonight in his puppy Kong the tooth fairy will bring him an ice cube for his sore mouth.

I have to admit that I  did not take the pictures below but they were just to cute not to share.  I said earlier that we had run into the Havlicks at the Rockies game last Saturday and that they had Eve with them.  Well below are a few pics that they took at the game.

(L to R) Brianna, Rob, Alex and I , oh and of course Eve at the Rockies game.

 Brianna took this....Eve is cheering on the Rockies and watching the action.

In this one Eve actually has her head on the shoulder on the guy in front of them. (silly puppy)

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