Monday, August 8, 2016

Ethans birthday

I can't believe that Ethan turned three this summer!  I swear I was just pregnant with him!

Yeah! a dragon tail!

Yogurt snacks at school to celebrate!!


Of course big brother wanted to help open the presents. 

"Wow!!! Captain America Shoes!!!"

Ever Three year old boys dream...a giant T-Rex!

Happy Boy!!!

Just so cute!

Hulk Smash Toy!!!!

On a side note, Ethan really enjoys the animal visits at school. 

Our birthday shoes and birthday T-Rex are getting a lot of use!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

So sweet when they sleep

They look like such angles when they sleep... and then they open their eyes and all hell brakes loose... 

Hat fun

Oh Obie!  Is shopping really that hard?
Jeff,  Willoughby's co-raiser had fun with hats one day....

St Patty's Day??

"hop hop"

Happy fourth!
It hs been really really hot here.  I have have tried to be very aware of the temp before I head out with a puppie.  I don't want to burn their paws on the hot pavement.  But one day I went out with Obie, he was only 4 months old, and when I got to target I realized it was nearly a 100 degrees out.   The pavement was like hot lava.  I was sure what to do.... I couldn't leave hime in the car, and he was over  50 pounds at 4 months.  So what should I do?  Well, I put him in the cart.  He wasn't quite sure what to think about all of this.

"Um really?  Aren't I suppose to be learning how to guide not ride?"

Outdoor bath time!

That is one exhausted puppy.