Monday, September 30, 2013

Kids update

Matthew's first movie

"You talking to me?"

Getting Bigger

Grandma still loving on Baby Ethan

Matthew has been such a good big brother that we went and got him  a fish

A very happy Matthew with his fish "goofball"

Getting the energy out of a 3 year old can be wonderful

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back to regular life

Trying out the bobby

Taking a break in the hammock

I was holding Ethan and Matthew wanted to be pushed in the swing.  I didn't know what to do with Ethan so I laid him down in the grass.  He really seemed to like it.  I think he looks like he is striking a fencing pose. 

Brotherly love... Matthew just loves his little brother and it is so sweet to see how tender is towards him. 

My little peanut

Agghhh!!!  there's a shark in my living room. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

The rest of vacation 3 - the drive home

We finally had a sunny day and of course we were driving home.  

The road out of Aspen

Independence Pass

Independence pass

The Aspen Trees are starting to change

"What?!? I have to get back in the car seat again?"

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The rest of vacation

The entire time we were in Aspen Matthew kept begging to go up in the Gondola. But with all the rain it didn't seem worth the money but the day before we left I gave up and we went up in the rain.  He was elated.

A very happy boy. 

Attempt at a self photo in the rain at the top. 
 We decided to take Grandma and Grandpa up on the Gondola after Nap. 


Our little bear, ready to go out in the cold rain. 
After four fun rainy days in Aspen we moved the crew to Gleenwood Springs. 

The Hot Springs at Gleenwood Springs

Matthew really enjoyed the hot springs.... he stayed in for  several hours. 

Ethan Joined us in the water too.   He loved it as well. 

The rest of vacation 2

More Vacation photos. 

Family self portrait at the Springs

Ethan and I really enjoyed relaxing in the warm mineral rich water. 

No grandma is not trying to drown Matthew... She is helping him do a flip. 

Ethan really enjoyed floating on his back. 

I caught Matthew playing with Ethan.  He is such and AMAZING big brother.  So sweet and gentle. 

We went up the adventure park so we could tour the caves while it rained. 

Grandpa and Matthew played a shooting game before the cave tour.

Inside one of the caves

Our little musician playing his "guitar" and signing in to his "straw Microphone"

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I was looking through my phone and I found this picture of dilbert from last year in September.  What a cute puppy he was!  I hope he's having fun at "school".

Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Ethan in a Pumpkin

My friend Brianna emailed me the other day and asked me if I would like to bring Ethan over and put him in a pumpkin.  I wasn't sure what she meant but then realized after looking at a Pinterest page that she literally meat "put him in a pumpkin".   Below are a bunch of pictures from the experience. 

Ethan looking all philosophical

That almost looks like a smile. 

Irene was very interested in what we were doing. 
Baby in a Pumpkin

Yep... that's Ethan in a pumpkin

What photo shoot would be complete without the out takes?

Look at that pouty lip... impressive

"whaaa, really mom please... I'm naked in a pumpkin... I mean really, have you no shame"

Attempt at a photo with the pumpkin hat...

Hmm, not happy about the hat. 

After dinner we tried it again but with clothes on... didn't have too much luck.

Matthew kept wanting to give him hugs. 

My favorite!
 We tried to get Brianna's son Willima to pose for pictures (he's one) but he's getting molars and did not think that sitting in a pumpkin was a fun thing to do.

Not a happy toddler. 

And of course Matthew had to get in the pumpkin too.