Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Ethan in a Pumpkin

My friend Brianna emailed me the other day and asked me if I would like to bring Ethan over and put him in a pumpkin.  I wasn't sure what she meant but then realized after looking at a Pinterest page that she literally meat "put him in a pumpkin".   Below are a bunch of pictures from the experience. 

Ethan looking all philosophical

That almost looks like a smile. 

Irene was very interested in what we were doing. 
Baby in a Pumpkin

Yep... that's Ethan in a pumpkin

What photo shoot would be complete without the out takes?

Look at that pouty lip... impressive

"whaaa, really mom please... I'm naked in a pumpkin... I mean really, have you no shame"

Attempt at a photo with the pumpkin hat...

Hmm, not happy about the hat. 

After dinner we tried it again but with clothes on... didn't have too much luck.

Matthew kept wanting to give him hugs. 

My favorite!
 We tried to get Brianna's son Willima to pose for pictures (he's one) but he's getting molars and did not think that sitting in a pumpkin was a fun thing to do.

Not a happy toddler. 

And of course Matthew had to get in the pumpkin too.  

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