Monday, September 23, 2013

The rest of Aspen and Gleenwood springs

The rest of our trip to Aspen and Gleenwood Springs was fun but full of rain.  Below are some pictures of last few days.

View from the top of the Gondola in Aspen

We finally had a morning that was only minimally rainy so we went for a hike around the maroon bells.

Mom carried Ethan and I carried Matthew
Matthew, Mom, Ethan and I at the Maroon bells.
And up we go through the Aspen to Carter lake
Grandma in the Aspens
Aspen Trees
Aspen Trees

Up and up we went

Still going...

And in move the storms
Crater Lake

It was so beautiful and very much worth the hike. 

A boy and his Stick!
I'll put pictures from Gleenwood Springs in a separate post. 

View from independence pass.
Snow on independence pass
The grandparents with Matthew.
The Aspen are starting to change
Views on the way home. 

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