Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 4 in aspen... Still raining!

It was sunny and beautiful this morning and the balloons at the festival were able to take off.  Then the rain moved back in.

Beautiful Colorado balloon 
and up they go
sky full of balloon
right over head

I  just love watching them fill up

The maroon one was my favorite

With all the flooding our state has endured this week, I felt a sense of pride seeing this.

And off it went

Can you see the flames?

Grandpa loved taking pictures too

Matthew loved the entire experience!

Matthew LOVES gondolas.  So despite the rain we went up to the top of aspen mountain.  

Happy boy on the Gondola

Beautiful view from the top of Aspen Mountain

An Attempt at a self portrait
Mesmerized by the Gondola ride.

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