Saturday, May 31, 2014

So sweet!

Driving home from my holiday shift This is how vetsta slept.
Now seriously, who can sleep like that?

I think the boys were tired.  After I got home I went for an Eliptigo ride and they both fell fast a sleep!

Matthew and his puppy, TRex and Tiger.  Too Cute!

Friday, May 30, 2014


I have been puppy sitting sweet Vesta for the past week.  She is so little compared to Phantom.  She is only 45 pounds.  She is so soft and such a great snuggler.

The back of the van was full of stuff so she slept up from.  She actually fits, unlike Phantom. 

She likes to snuggle with Mattehw

And she is so patient!

I had to work on memorial day and during lunch I went out side for a few minutes... pretty Vest enjoyed it too!

What a face!

How can you not just love here?

Did I mention she likes to snuggle?

Nothing like lunch time outside with a puppy sleeping on your butt. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Silly Ethan

I have one kid that doesn't like to eat much of any thing and one that appears will eat pretty much anything....
Ethan ate more Mac and Cheese and Hot Dog's than Matthew. 


He kept putting his face down on the table and just shoving the food into his mouth. 

Happy Teething Ethan covered in food. 

Ethan likes to roll around on the Puppies bed and play with their toys. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


My Parents and I (along with the Boys) went up to Estes Park on Saturday for breakfast.  Afterwards we went up to Bear lake just to stretch our legs and breath in some fresh air.  I was amazed by how much snow was still on the ground!  Probably 4-6 feet still.  Crazy for the end of May.

Grandpa and Matthew at Bear lake. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

just some random photos

I just can't help but love this face!

Ethan, my little Yogini! He does this all the time!

Really phantom.. I mean really?  This is a medical office after all, couldn't you act a bit more professional?

Silly phantom

During a meeting the other day I looked under the table and found Phantom sleeping like this.  How silly!

Kiddos and puppies

Matthew after his surgery snuggling up to daddy. 

Ethan dive bombing Phantom

Phatom giving Phantom a massage. 

I think Phantom really enjoy's Ethan's puppy handling time. 

My boys watching a movie on the iPad

I went to go get the new sheets for the bed and found Phantom asleep on it when I got back.  

Phantom, getting up on the bed is not guide dog approved behavior and look super cute while sleeping on it is for sure not approved. 

Alex and I had to go out of town for night.  The kids stayed with my parents.  When we got home both Matthew and Alex just passed out.

Grandma and Grandpa are exhausting.

Ethan Loves Popsicles!

He will eat several of the little ones in one sitting. 

Yummy... a yellow one. 

Mamma and her boy. 

Phantom wants to know if Ethan will share his popsicle with him. 

Matthew was still not feeling great but getting better every day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So handsome!

Phantom is such a handsome puppy!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Getting so big!

Both Ethan and Phantom are getting super big

my boys are growing so fast!

Phantom loves all the pillows that are around for Matthew to lay on.... Lucky boy. 

Poor Matthew!

Two days ago Matthew had surgery to have his tonsils, adenoids removed and to get his second set of tubes.   The surgery went well and the recovery as expected is difficult.

He got a stuffed animal at the surgery center and he loves it!

In Recovery - trying to distract him from his pain with Lunar Jim on our cell phone. 

When we got home he just wanted to ride on daddy's shoulders .  Alex (because he is the best dad ever) carried him around in the back pack. 

Out for a stroll

Post Op Day #1... so sad... has yet to sleep since surgery

My poor sad super hero!

Finally, He's asleep!!  Phantom snuggled right up next to him to keep him comfortable. 

It makes me sad to see my boy look so sick. 

Post Op Day #2 - we are trying headphones today because Mom and Dad are really tired of watching the same 6 episodes of Lunar Jim over and over again.  

Mommy has a migraine for the 7th day in a row... what a pathetic pair the two of us are. 

boo hoo... pain sucks!

poor sick little man! hang in there it will get better!