Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mexico second half

Below are pictures from the second half of the our vacation.

down he goes again
Daddy finally looking relaxed. 

I think I am finally looking pretty relaxed as well. 

Matthew loved virgin drinks

Ethan... solving the worlds problems. 

Matthew really loved the iguanas.  We couldn't find them at first so we started going on daily Iguana hunts.  We eventually found their "home" and the big "daddy" iguana.  Then we would go look at them every day. 

Looking, looking, looking for an iguana
The big "daddy" iguana.
Matthew just loved to sit and watch the iguanas. 

Mr. Iguana Hunter looking for "the big daddy lizard"
Mr iguana hunter looking into the iguana's house. 

My two fish


Wow... That's all I can say about this outfit. 

Finally out of the pool and the ocean and resting. 

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