Sunday, May 11, 2014

Poor Matthew!

Two days ago Matthew had surgery to have his tonsils, adenoids removed and to get his second set of tubes.   The surgery went well and the recovery as expected is difficult.

He got a stuffed animal at the surgery center and he loves it!

In Recovery - trying to distract him from his pain with Lunar Jim on our cell phone. 

When we got home he just wanted to ride on daddy's shoulders .  Alex (because he is the best dad ever) carried him around in the back pack. 

Out for a stroll

Post Op Day #1... so sad... has yet to sleep since surgery

My poor sad super hero!

Finally, He's asleep!!  Phantom snuggled right up next to him to keep him comfortable. 

It makes me sad to see my boy look so sick. 

Post Op Day #2 - we are trying headphones today because Mom and Dad are really tired of watching the same 6 episodes of Lunar Jim over and over again.  

Mommy has a migraine for the 7th day in a row... what a pathetic pair the two of us are. 

boo hoo... pain sucks!

poor sick little man! hang in there it will get better!

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