Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kiddos and puppies

Matthew after his surgery snuggling up to daddy. 

Ethan dive bombing Phantom

Phatom giving Phantom a massage. 

I think Phantom really enjoy's Ethan's puppy handling time. 

My boys watching a movie on the iPad

I went to go get the new sheets for the bed and found Phantom asleep on it when I got back.  

Phantom, getting up on the bed is not guide dog approved behavior and look super cute while sleeping on it is for sure not approved. 

Alex and I had to go out of town for night.  The kids stayed with my parents.  When we got home both Matthew and Alex just passed out.

Grandma and Grandpa are exhausting.

Ethan Loves Popsicles!

He will eat several of the little ones in one sitting. 

Yummy... a yellow one. 

Mamma and her boy. 

Phantom wants to know if Ethan will share his popsicle with him. 

Matthew was still not feeling great but getting better every day.

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