Saturday, May 3, 2014


We took a week vacation as a family before Alex goes black to school.  It was a much needed break and some much needed time spent together.  We went to a Spanish owned resort in Mexico that was about an hour plus south of Cancun.  It was amazing!  There was a great kids water arena and the pools were spectacular.  The ocean was so warm and the waves were a blast.  This was Matthew's first trip to the ocean and he was a bit afraid at first, but after a few minutes he learned to love it and now is charging head first into the waves.

Thank goodness for iPod's!  How did parents travel before the days of portable technology... JK

Phew... He finally went to sleep...

We got up at 4 AM and by 4 PM we had arrived at our hotel.

And what is the first thing you do when you arrive at your hotel room and you are in a tropical climate?  Why... get naked and go on the porch of course. 

The pool at dusk on our way to the beach

Matthew just couldn't wait until morning to go dig it the sand.  His excitement was contiguous. 

Ethan thought the whole day was just exhausting

The next morning Ethan got all dressed up for his first trip to the ocean

"What?!?  There are actual sharks in the water?"

A kids dream!

Matthew giving Ethan a great big brotherly hug.  He is so sweet to his brother!

Ethan is just taking it all in.

The Fam at the Pool

Our little "fish"

The Kid area was just awesome!

Ethan Loved watching all the big kids play

Don't ask... I'm still not sure what he was up to. 

"Whew, watching all those kids run around is exhausting!"

"Being a big kid and running around IS exhausting too"

Ethan and Batman taking on the bad guys in the fountain play area. 


The beach was beautiful, even at dusk

Where we ate our meals

Swimming around in one of the pools.... heavenly!

The beach was beautiful!  The sand was so soft and the breeze felt great!

some of the resort grounds

I wish I was small enough to go on this.  Matthew is at the top about to go down.

Here's the big guy on one of the other slides. 

Loving the beach!

Sand is good roughage right?  He kept eating it. 

They had an aquarium where you could pay to swim with dolphins.  We didn't do it but enjoyed watching the others do it. 

A Kaplun Totem Pole?

Smile Daddy

Ethan loved digging and raking the sand.  

Whoosh... here comes the waves. 

"hmmm I think I would rather chew on this rake rather than dig" 

"yuck!! its really salty!!!"
Many more fun family pictures to come as soon as I get time. 

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