Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Morning

On Easter Morning we had a chocolate egg hunt in the house.... The "bunny" left these behind.  And of course we had to find the basket that the bunny left.

Matthew is looking for chocolate eggs that the "bunny" left, and of course Ethan is helping. 

"What?  There are Chocolate Eggs scattered around the house?"

"He found the Chocolate?  I'm coming, I'm coming, Save some for me!"

He found one!

"Mom!!  The Easter Bunny put one on the pillow! That's silly!"

The Bunny brought Matthew a foam sword.  I think the bunny may regret this decision but "Batman" sure is happy to have his new sword."

Agh!! Be afraid!  Be very afraid bad guys!  

While Matthew and I were hunting eggs, Ethan was playing with Phantom's kennel. 

Afternoon fun at the Horsetooth playground to burn off some of the candy we ate!

What a good boy Phantom!  

"Mom?  Do you think I will be able to go run and play with my brother soon? "

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