Wednesday, April 16, 2014


An update in photos...
"mmmmm... I think I will try and eat this tennis ball"

Beautiful spring day... matthew is coloring on the deck with chalk. 

Ethan absolutely loves the Pets water bowl!!

"I'm Batman!!!"

Our winged superhero takes down his arch rival "bad guy"

"Agh, there is nothing like a bath to clean up after a really big blow out poo poo!  Thanks mom. "

Crazy Colorado spring weather. ... Glad I had my helper nearby!

I must be getting older or going crazy... i covered my flowers with Ikea bags and garbage cans to protect them from the snow.   Silly I know, but they are so pretty and I didn't want them to die. 

See how pretty they are?

Really colorado?  Do you have to do this EVERY April?

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