Monday, April 21, 2014

East Egg Hunt

I have not enjoyed going to other places for Easter egg hunts in the past.  There is too much shoving and hollering and Matthew usually just stands there and watches everyone.  So this year we skipped them and just did one in our back yard.  We invited "baby will" (who is not much of a baby anymore) to come join us. The boys had a lot of fun!

"Can we start Mom?  Please?!?!?!?"

Happy Boy... Who knew they made eggs in the shape of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Yeah!  William found an Egg... Phantom looks like he may have helped sniff it out. 

"I found one in the tree!"

He kept letting out squeals of joy. It was so cute!

"where are more?"

Happy Boy!

This smile is priceless

"Hmmmm... I'm  not sure I get it... You find the eggs out in the grass and then there is Candy in them?  How weird"

So cute!

Um Matthew... Phantom is checking out your basket from Grandma....

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