Saturday, June 4, 2016

Guide dog outin

At our Guide Dog Outing last week Obie got his Vest.  he is not sure what to make of it but he sure is cute in it.
Just too cute!

Um boys, we don't ride in the front seat like that.

Sound asleep and smushed together... How can you not love dogs when they just look so silly and cute half of the time?

Such a great pair. 

Passed our test!

Matthew and I tested for our High Blue Belts this past week.  Whew... it is really starting to get hard.  there is a ton to remember and the forms are getting a lot longer.  I am beginning to have a hard time, I can't believe that Matthew at 5 is able to keep up with all of it.  To celebrate passing our test we went out for ice cream afterwards.  Yum!

Puppies - vet visit

I coiuld not contain Obie one morning so I put him in the bath to keep him put... it didn't work... he just jumped out...

All 28 pounds of his 12 week self is just chillin at the vets office waiting for his shots. 

"It won't hurt will it?"

"I'm gonna sit here and stare at that door since that is were all the cute young girls keep come from to come in to pet me.  They all keep saying that I am so cute and fuzzy.   I am not sure what all the fuss is about. "

Memorial day weekend. Alex

Alex took the boys fishing at the pond behind our house and Matthew caught his very first fish.  he was so incredibly excited.   Believe it or not, it was still alive and we put it back. 
On memorial day we went up the poudre canyon to have a picnic and let the boys "fish".

What a handsome dog!

The boys fishing....  or should I say casting and catching rocks. : )

Ethan had his own little avengers rod but he was more interested in throwing rocks in the river. 

Preschool graduation?!?!

So before I had kids I had no idea that they did a graduation ceremony for preschool.   I have learned however that indeed they do.  It seems a bit strange but it sure was cute.  I don't think I have ever seen Matthew so excited.  He talked about it non stop for week before hand.

Walking up to the stage.  They were suppose to have caps on but it was really windy and raining so they left them off. 

His "graduating" class

My little guy front and center. 

Waiting to go up to get his diploma. 
Forget kindergarden... he's got this down, let's go straight to college. 

So proud!

Super cute poem... sorry its sideways. 


Headed off to PERU!!!

For my 40th I wanted to do something memorable and special.  I had a yoga retreat to Costa Rica planned but at the last minute it got cancelled.  So I decided to do something I have always wanted to do and that is to go hiking in the Andes and to see Manchu Picchu.   I was really lucky and my friend Maddie was able to come with me.    I signed us up for an expedition that was mostly hiking and camping.  We were limited to 25L bags for the week of travel.  I was tough to get all of our gear in there considering we were going to be as high as 15,000 ft but we did it!  It was a trip of a life time!

Peru here we come!!!  10 days in 25 L bags!  We are ready for rain and snow and have all our camping gear in those bags... who says girls can't pack light?

We are on the plane and ready to take off... I think I was a bit excited!!!!

Our new puppy - Obie - # 10

So it is a very long story but the short is.... Kiki was suppose to go to another house for further training.... she was having some issues and willoughby is with us only every other week, and we didn't know about Dilbert when we thought well gosh then we only have a puppy every other week... we should get a new one.....  but then, Kiki stayed here and we got Dilbert and I have been ending up with Willoughby a lot more than expected.  Wow, 3 guide dog puppies and one retired guide in one house with a two year old, a 5 year old, Maddie, Kris, Me and Alex.... oh and we have a grad student with us for 6 weeks too.... that is really a crazy full house.  

Meet Obie!!! 9 Weeks old and 23 pounds!!!!

Oh what a cute fuzz ball he is!

What a big boy!!

Now that is a very cute and yet very big 9 week old puppy.   He is one of only two puppies in his litter. 

Notice everyone has their little tiny puppies I am at the end with my giant huge one!  too funny!

so sleepy!

"Hi, I'm Obie."

Maddie thinks she likes him but isn't so sure yet.... It's the first male dog she has raised and it takes some getting use to their different personality. 

OMG!  Look at the size of that 9 week old puppy!!!  he's gonna be huge!

They are always so cute when they sleep!  Notice by the way, that size of his paw next to his face...

So fuzzy and just so dang cute!

He thinks he wants to swim. 

Willoughby: "WHAT on earth have you done!!!  But I do like his toys"

Willoughby: "Um Puppy raiser dad, why are you loving on another puppy... I am the only one you really love right?"

so fuzzy and so stinking cute!

He kind of looks like he would make a good mop from this angle. 

Willoughby: "Again, can you please explain to me why I have to share a kennel with him.  I am not happy about this in the least!  I know you said it was just for tonight but does this look like the face of a happy puppy?"

The three boys - Dilbert, Willoughby and Obie get to meet everyone at work and take a minute to play in my office. 

"Wait, what is that you just said... I've been here for only a week and you are going away for 10 days on vacation... Um, I don't think I am ok with that"

The boys

"AGGGHHHH, Why are they not asleep yet?!?!?"

Animal day at school - Ponies!!

Ethan loved it!

So nice of Ethan to share his pillow with Willoughby....

Seems to be a common theem... they know they are not suppose to be in my bed, yet they are and again, the big problem is,,,, where do I fit?

Hey look, we made a puppy oreo

Sisters and brothers.... so cute!

Matthew just loves his Dilbert. 
He tried so hard to not take a nap....and then just feel over asleep.